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A great website for calculating your BMI, daily caloric and nutritional needs. This website also has a calculator for determining calories and nutritional information for all of your favorite foods and recipes.


BookmootchGive books away, Get books you want. Type in the books you want to give away, receive requests, mail books, receive points and ask for books from others.

Mark's Daily Apple

Daily_appleServing up health and fitness insights (daily, of course) with a side of irreverence. This blog is full of great information and articles about fitness and health a must add for your feed.


PopurlsThis is a great site for news and social networking junkies. Mega collection of updated feeds from all of the best sites including Digg.com, YouTube, Del.icio.us, Flickr and more.


SiteneighborsYes bloggers it's another blog social network. This one groups sites based on visitor paths not content. I think. But, I'm not sure. It also has the promo widget. If you figure it out explain it to me.

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Send Me Flowers, Let's be Virtual Buds

Flower_collageI recently read that Jackson Fish Market, a developer of "Handcrafted Softwear Experiences", launched a virtual flower shop called "They're Beautiful". I checked it out and they really are. Paper flowers handcrafted and virtually arranged to your liking. And just like real flowers they will die if you don't stop in to water them.

A very nice gift and a nice way to say thanks. I'll be sending these flowers out all week. Why not send flowers to your virtual buds.

Bump Top a Life Rich Desktop

I am a paper person. When I have an idea or I'm creating I pull out a spiral notebook. They are all over my home and I've wondered on occasion, if I dropped dead tomorrow...what would people make of my scribblings? Something about the physical connection to the paper and the way I transfer my ideas to it works for me.

I have tried in vain to incorporate my computer into my creative process. Blogging is about the closest I've come to it. I stumbled this presentation by Anand Agarawala about his creation Bump Top. While it's not the answer to my prayers in terms of moving piles of spirals to to my hard drive, I think it's a step in the direction of making a more human connection with technology. Humans have a tendency to create based on what we know. The functionality of wadding up a document and tossing it to the corner of your desktop my be fodder for the easily amused, but if we aren't amused by technology... that's a shame.

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