GO Pantyless - Free Active Girl Liners from GO Girl

Face it, work out clothes are made to be worn without underwear, but sometimes active girls need a little extra protection.

Go_girlThe recent introduction of a unique and much needed liner called GO™ by San Diego-based company Go Girl! provides just that. An absorbent, flexible, breathable and discreet athletic liner for the active girl that fits perfectly in the crotch lining of the wearer's workout pant or short -- no bulge, no worry.

GO™ co-founders Jeanne Owens, a beauty entrepreneur, and Debbie Richardson, a life/motivational coach and personal fitness specialist, both are active in yoga, spinning and running and spend a lot of time in stretch gear. "We don't want to wear underwear and the panty liners out there just don't fit right or work how we need them to. We don't want to feel like we are wearing anything down there but still want the protection just in case and that's what GO™ does," states Richardson.

The special ultra thin non-woven medical grade fabric wicks moisture and perspiration away from the body. The waterproof adhesive adheres easily and stays on fabric securely.

"Flexibility, comfort and protection is important to us and lots of other women who workout or just want to hangout out in their favorite yoga pant but there are certain days when you just need a little something to keep you feeling dry and protected," explains Owens.

For a free sample visit the Go Girl website.

RapeX - Controversial Anti-Rape Condom

RapexRapeX, a very controversial anti-rape device will be available in South Africa next month. Proponents there argue that with South Africa having the highest rate of reported sexual assaults, desperate times call for desperate measures.

According to the product website, this device is available in three sizes and inserts with an applicator much like a tampon. Once correctly inserted it can not be seen. In the event of unwanted penile insertion, the prongs lining the interior of the condom will latch on to the offenders member causing intense pain. The device remains on the assailants penis as he withdraws and can only be safely removed by physicians.

While some call the measure barbaric others feel that is another option that provides a woman time to escape in the event of an assault. Like a condom, this device provides protection against STD's and unwanted pregnancy.


Kama Sutra And Sacred Sexuality Texts

The Kama Sutra and Beyond - Sacred Sexuality Texts From Ancient Cultures
By Suzie Heumann


The Kama Sutra is fairly well known in Western culture but it isn’t well known that there are many other erotic books from the past. Well-established cultures, throughout the world, have had an integrated sex-science-spirit connection. Healthy living included a robust sex life that often integrated breathing, movement, ecstatic intimacy techniques, communion with the ‘Divine’ and lifestyle enhancements that boosted longevity.

From earliest records the Japanese, Chinese, Persians, Arabs, Hindis, Nepalese, Egyptian, South Pacific Islanders and even many Native American tribes had elaborate systems encouraging and promoting high sexual practices. The benefits of good, abundant sex are numerous. These books were manuals on lovemaking and they included guides for couples on kissing, touching, positions in lovemaking, attitudes, moral obligations, and much more. Let’s explore a few of these cultures and the ‘books’ they developed that continue to inform us even today.

The Kama Sutra
A man named Vatsyayana wrote the Kama Sutra in India, sometime between 200 and 400 AD. It was originally an oral tradition and went through several iterations before being written in the form of ‘aphorisms’ or short ‘sayings’ that introduced young men and women to the arts of love and relationship. The original Sanskrit version has been translated many times but its first translator was Sir Richard Burton who was an adventurer and scholar living in Victorian England. He traveled, studied and translated many erotic manuals but today we have very few of his original translations because at his death (1890) his conservative wife burned the remaining translations and original manuscripts he had worked on. Only these few have survived.

Other books include:

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How to be a Good Girlfriend

Make Time To Be a Good Friend!
By Linda J. Allen


It seems that of the two species, females are the ones that need more social contact. It is not good for a woman to isolate herself because loneliness may set in and then this could very well lead to depression. It is very important for a woman to maintain her friendships while raising a family so that she can stay in contact with the outside world. It may be even more important to strengthen those friendships as the children grow older and leave the nest.

In order to survive, best friends need one-on-one contact. Calling friends on the telephone and getting together are essential for best friends to continue. At times it may seem very hard to maintain friendships when you have such a busy schedule. However, you do not need to take hours out of your busy day in order to maintain a friendship.

Here is a list of some suggestions that could be put into practice to maintain friendships:

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