GO Pantyless - Free Active Girl Liners from GO Girl

Face it, work out clothes are made to be worn without underwear, but sometimes active girls need a little extra protection.

Go_girlThe recent introduction of a unique and much needed liner called GO™ by San Diego-based company Go Girl! provides just that. An absorbent, flexible, breathable and discreet athletic liner for the active girl that fits perfectly in the crotch lining of the wearer's workout pant or short -- no bulge, no worry.

GO™ co-founders Jeanne Owens, a beauty entrepreneur, and Debbie Richardson, a life/motivational coach and personal fitness specialist, both are active in yoga, spinning and running and spend a lot of time in stretch gear. "We don't want to wear underwear and the panty liners out there just don't fit right or work how we need them to. We don't want to feel like we are wearing anything down there but still want the protection just in case and that's what GO™ does," states Richardson.

The special ultra thin non-woven medical grade fabric wicks moisture and perspiration away from the body. The waterproof adhesive adheres easily and stays on fabric securely.

"Flexibility, comfort and protection is important to us and lots of other women who workout or just want to hangout out in their favorite yoga pant but there are certain days when you just need a little something to keep you feeling dry and protected," explains Owens.

For a free sample visit the Go Girl website.

Say NO to Sit Ups?

Good Abdominal Exercises
By John Ripper


One of the exercise trends that personal trainers and fitness coaches have huge problems with is the way people think about abdominal exercises. Most people still think that what were considered “good” abdominal exercises fifty years ago are the best ways they can build their stomach.

Sit ups and crunches are in fact not as effective as most people have thought. Personal trainers have known this for years, but many people still think that these are good abdominal exercises. Sit ups are relatively effective, but almost nobody does them correctly and it is a difficult exercise to replicate. So you might be doing them right one day, and wrong the next day – but not notice any difference in the way you are doing them!

The reason that sit ups are not such good abdominal exercises is that the smallest change in posture can shift the focus of the strain away from your stomach and onto your hips or back.

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