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Briefs And Thongs – We All Need Them!

by Amanda Cotterill
We all wear them in some form or fashion. Some of us prefer sexy thongs, others prefer bikinis, and still others want full coverage briefs. But the truth remains that almost all women wear underwear. For most of us, our underwear reveals something about us and our preferences.

If you are looking to step out of your lingerie comfort zone, your panties are a great place to start. A new pair of panties is fun and inexpensive way to add some spice to your day. No matter what normally occupies the panty drawer in your bedroom, there is a new option available for you. Today’s lingerie is made from very soft and comfortable fabric and you don’t have to be concerned about itchy lace or stiff elastic.

If you are normally a bikini wearer, try a string bikini. String bikinis are a more comfortable option for today’s fashionable skinny jeans. With less fabric on the side you will much less likely to have unsightly panty lines. Obviously, alone string bikinis are a more sexy and revealing panty than bikinis. The advantage is you still have all the coverage you look for in a regular bikini.

Many women prefer thongs to deal with panty lines in their clothing. As fashions become more tailored and slim fitting, panty lines become much more obvious. The always sexy thong is the perfect solution. Again, this is where the fabrics of today are a great gift to women of today. Womens thongs are no longer uncomfortable and restricting but very comfortable.

When shopping for thongs, determine the style that you prefer. Some are constructed with a small triangle of fabric that sits below the small of your back. Others known as g-strings don’t have that little bit of fabric, the elastic simply rides around your hip or just below and between your buttocks. Both styles give the clean no panty line in form fitting styles. For wearing with the ultra low rise style of jeans, some thongs have small charms or jewels attached to the back fabric panel to peek a boo above the jean line. This is fun little accent for weekend or evening wear.

But maybe you have always worn briefs. There is no shame in this. The beauty of underwear is that there are sexy options in every panty style. Sexy panties are available everywhere from your local discount store to high end lingerie boutiques. A very comfortable and sexy panty choices is the seamless, cotton lycra stretch blends. If you want to minimize the appearance of panty lines and still have more coverage, these are the panties for you. They are available in every imaginable color and with or without details like soft lace. Neutral skin tones are perfect to pair with light colored clothing. But with jeans, get a few sexy panties in colors that are vivid and fun. No one has to know if you don’t want them to.

When purchasing swimsuits, keep in mind the various panty styles. Your cut of the bottom of the swimsuit will depend upon whether if it is one or two pieces. Two piece swimsuits can have bottoms from full coverage brief styles to thongs and g-strings. Determine how you are going to use your suit before choosing your bottom style. For beach wear, all styles work well. However, for swimming as exercise or diving, you will likely want a little more coverage.

Briefly in review (pun intended), you can have a lot of fun with your underwear. It is a great way to add a sense of adventure to your lingerie drawer and easy on your pocketbook.

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