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Yoga Positions - Positive Energy Flow

by matth02
Practicing yoga can be wonderfully beneficial to both the body and the mind. It is through a series of yoga positions that one can reach a state of true inner peace and tranquility. Various yoga poses can also promote a positive energy flow throughout the body.

By slowly executing the yoga pose with a concentrated effort, you will not only train your body but also your mind. You should start out slow and practice them daily, building up your repetitions, as well as, the number of poses you can master. Poses consist of warm-up, standing, seated, twist yoga, supreme, inverted postures and balance, backbends and finishing poses.

One of the most basic yoga standing poses is the triangular pose, or the trikonasana. To do this pose, standing, position your legs slightly farther apart than your shoulders with feet facing straight. Turn you right foot out and your left foot in, while keeping your hips straight. Your arms should be raised to shoulder level. Lower your right arm, stretching as far down the right leg as is comfortable, while raising the left arm over your head. Straighten your body to the beginning position and repeat on other side. This pose will tone your leg and abdominal muscles, as well as, promote lower back health.

Perhaps one of the most known yoga poses is the lotus pose, or the padmasana. It is a seated pose that requires flexibility. You will place your right foot on your left thigh with the foot facing upward. Similarly, place your left foot on your right thigh with that foot facing upward also. Next, lay the palms of your hand on their corresponding thighs also facing upward. This pose is usually done in meditation and will strengthen your legs and ankles, as well as, increase your flexibility. It relaxes the person and promotes good posture.

One of the yoga poses that will rotate the spine is the half spinal twist, or the Ardha Matsyendrasana. To begin, kneel on your heels with your legs together. Sit to the right of this position and place your left leg over your right with your foot on the outside of your right knee. Keeping your spine straight, bring your right heel close to your buttocks and stretch your arms out to shoulder level. Bring your right arm over your left knee and hold your left foot. Place your left hand on the floor behind you. Gently twist as far to the left as possible. This pose will tone your spinal muscles and ligaments.

One of the basic yoga poses, often called the king of the asanas, is the headstand or the Sushasana. In performing this, you will begin in a kneeling position with the elbows and hands on the floor in front of you. Interlock your fingers and put your head between your hands. Push up on your toes, bringing your legs extended to an upright position. Focus on a point in front of you and keep your body straight and balanced. This pose will strengthen the neck and back and, also, reduce stress and fatigue.

These are just a few of the numerous poses and positions taught in the yoga world. They are meant to strengthen different parts of your body, as well as, relax it. The key in yoga is to start off slowly and gently until you have mastered each pose. The results will be beneficial to your health and mind. At first you may not be able to correctly assume the positions yoga practices, but through repeated efforts you will gain the flexibility to master each pose and experience the benefits each has to offer.

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