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Options To Strengthen And Ease Your Back Pain

by Ron Keegan
Most people in the health care business when asked how-to deal with treatment for back pain usually recommend the same type of pain remedies. That is because western cultures rely too much on anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers. Perhaps it is time to take a look at other options to strengthen a person’s back while easing back pain.

Exercise is an option that is worth trying. But which form of exersice do you choose? Aerobics is too high impact for people with back problems and isometric exercise can cause serious joint problems. Then there are calisthenics, these are good for your muscles but only help a certain number of muscles so this is not worth doing either. So what options are available that
can strengthen your muscles?

Tai Chi Is A Great Options For Back Pain

Tai Chi, is a marital art that can be very beneficial, for people with all types of back pain, it is designed to enhance the body’s resilience, improve flexibility, keep your weight in check and help a person to an easier recovery from injury. One of the reasons that Tai Chi works so well is that it is based on slow movements of the arms, legs and upper body. The person moves slowly, using deep breathing as a technique to help heal.

One of the other advantages is that those who are in the process of healing can do this program, even if they are still in pain, because it is not stressful on the body. Tai Chi also encourages better posture through its exercises and we all know that good posture goes a long way to how someone’s back feels.

Yoga Is A Good Way To Strengthen Back Muscles

Yoga, which came from Hindu teachings, is not unlike Tai Chi, its designed to help a person restore both body and mind. By doing Yoga exercises you are strengthening your back muscles, improving posture and bring into line the spine. Yoga practitioners believe that if you learn about your body, in this case your back, then you become more able to tune into the area of problems and make them better before they become really bad.

Each Yoga positions is designed to do something specific. Either to strengthen, stretch or diminish the tension in the area. It also boosts blood flow, which is good for healing sore muscles. One of the benefits of using yoga when your back is painful is that the yoga exercises go a long way to stretching the spine. By doing these exercises the stretching is taking the pressure off of the vertebrae and so alleviating the compression. This will greatly reduce back pain.

Tai Chi Or Yoga Are Good For Overall Health

The other advantage to using Tai Chi or Yoga is that it is not expensive, both forms of exercise are good for healing as well as a long term health benefit. They are the most effective non invasive treatment for back pain and do not require a person to take medication of any kind. Then when the pain is gone either one is still good to keep up for your overall physical health.

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