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May 10, 2007

Wind me up.

I just finished updating my links, so if you happen to be linking here and I don't know about it, let me know and I'll likely return the favor as long as you have a legitimate blog and you pay me five hundred dollars. Kidding. Actually maybe I meant if you don't have a legitimate blog it will cost you five big ones for the link. I just want to clarify that point for the people at pornotube.

A friend I saw Barenaked Ladies with several years back sent me this youtube clip. I think it's pretty good. Enjoy! :)

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I'm adding you to blogs I like, I've voted for your spicy page and I think your profile pic is fantastic...but I won't send you any money!!

Hi there... I'm not sure I introduced myself... (just started posting comments)... I found through Brandi's livejournal. I love it. I've linked you on mine under BLOGS I READ. It's a list not only for others to check out but also for me not to forget to check when blog-catching-up. I'm Rosie (AKA Venus) just thought I'd say Hi!

Thanks for the link! I returned the favor (not because I felt obligated either). My fee for links is $400 and your first born so we'll just call it even.

Me! Me, me, me. Where am I? Where is the love?

Great clip.

I was an intern at KBCO back when the Barenaked Ladies were just becoming known. KBCO was promoting them like crazy. Anyway, they came in for a Studio C session and were the nicest guys. REALLY funny - off the cuff kind of funny.

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