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May 14, 2007

My Girls Goodies on Display at Saks

My weekends actually begin on Thursday nights. I've been playing poker at Whiskey Bar, but I think that's going to end in couple of weeks when my tennis league starts up. I think it might be too difficult to make 8:30 games if I'm out until 1AM playing cards. I wouldn't mind so much if it was just me... but it's doubles and it'd be pretty crappy to do that to my partner.

I can still play the Friday afternoon game though. This last Friday I took second place again for the second week in a row. Then later I played a very large tournament taking 12th place. But I think I already wrote about that. MMMMMMMM... the mystery man.

Saturday morning I met up with Jason at Crepes N' Crepes in Cherry Creek North. I don't know why it is, but seems like every time I meet up with Jason, the times that he is running late, a cute guy always strikes up a conversation with me. Which is great and of course I enjoy it and then Jason walks in and the cute guy exits. I'm sure they're intimidated by Jason's GQ good looks and aire of success, might also be the Ducati. Whichever, I should probably be thankful. I do want to win the prop bet especially now that I'm 4 1/2 months into it.

I was on my second mimosa by the time Jason arrived. I was feeling a little drunk and couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered that I really didn't eat during the tournament the previous night. The place where the tournament was held had typical bar food. The kind that does bad things to your intestinal wellness. So I only ate a couple of energy bars that I had stashed in my purse.

We split some crepes and Jason introduced me to the nutella crepe; chocolate and hazelnut butter. Total YUM. We walked over to the mall and did some window shopping. During our little outing I met one of Jason's girlfriends... okay she was not his girlfriend, that's just what I call all of the numerous women that he knows. She was, I think, 26 he said. I swear she had botox. That or she was very surprised to meet me. Maybe she's read the blog.

Katie_saksLater while browsing racks at Saks we noticed Katie's art on display. Katie Taft is the Arts Editor for TWID. We snapped a pic for her. Not even sure if she knows it's here. Katie's awesome so always good to see a fellow TWIDed doing well. Speaking of... Benny just launched the website he designed for Lure, which is also pretty cool. And TWID rocks as per usual.


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