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May 07, 2007

Mutual Blog Gratification

AwardWhen I was first nominated by Madame Meow for the Bloggers Choice Awards, ideas of grand campaigns ran naked through my mind. A flood of brunette ambition came over me.

While I appreciated the votes, I'm really just glad that anyone pays attention to me at all. You being here is all I really need. So thank you for the nomination and the votes.

With that said...

I considered the Blogger Choice Awards and determined that it's a complete boondoggle and a complete waste of time for all but the 36 or so blogs that win. Blogs like Cute Overload,, and Feministing.

Why bother?

Oh, the Pay Per Post angle. Turns out this is a Pay Per Post marketing vehicle. Which if I cared to look I would have seen immediately. It's pretty obvious. What's less obvious are the rules for the Blogger's Choice Awards. They are not linked directly on the main page, but you can find them in the about section.

Schad over at the highly respected Fifth Column Blog was nominated for the "blogitzer" award. You can read his post for the details. While the Blogger's Choice Awards markets the idea that anyone can nominate and vote for their favorite blogs, not anyone can win. Actually according to their rules they can remove any nomination, for any reason. Which is fair, it's their contest.

But again, I say why? Why do we do these things to ourselves? Let's all honor the blogs we read by linking them, subscribing to their feeds, and favoriting them.  Instead of going on these big campaigns which only serve entities like Pay Per Post, let's just give each other a little promotion.

I'm not saying that blog promotion is bad, actually I'm all about it. But for most of us, there's not much to be gained with these blogger awards. Think about the angles. The Bloggers Choice Awards benefit Pay Per Post and not bloggers.

Let's award each other.

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Yes, they can and do remove any nominations they want without explanation. One thing that they don't remove are the nominations PayPerPost employees make (like cuteoverload and rosie and dooce)...

My thoughts exactly. (and it seems that more than just a few people are upset with the change of rules there as well....specifically that the contest now runs well into next fall for some reason now)

I hate PPPost sites (except for Cute Overload)! Have you gone to a blog and read someone go on and on about patio furntiure or a lawn mower? Do these people even make any money?

I hereby present you with the tiny amulet of awesome.

I had no idea about the way those "contests" are run. I was just impressed whenever I saw that someone had been nominated. I agree with you that we bloggers should just focus on supporting each other as much as possible.

Congratulations and I hadn't considered it, but I agree with your "Let's all honor the blogs we read by linking them, subscribing to their feeds, and favoriting them" assessment.

I'm sorry :o(

I thought it would just be fun but had no idea that it was all a Pay-Per-Post bit of something.


After getting the email today about the Vegas Postiwhatsit I'm guessing they a courting

Call me silly. I could be wrong.


I guess we know the reason now.


It's bassackwards if you think about it. People want to buy reviews on blogs that are well read and highly trafficed... but once a person starts PPP... who wants to read that.

Back when PPP started up I joined, but never saw the point.

Thanks JASON my little sushi monkey.

Holly & Blandy,

Yes, glad we agree, that is why I just linked you and everyone on this list.

Madame M,

Actually I'm so glad you did. I'm inspired and have something up my sleeve.


Your blog has won A Zenny Award! (9/Blog God) Please drive around.

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