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May 12, 2007

It's Morning Already?

I woke up at 6:17AM. This is not supposed to happen. Why won't my body let me sleep late? I was up until nearly 2AM. Next thing you know I'll be eating dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon and watching reruns of Murder She Wrote. I don't want to go down like that.

Mystery_man_copy However, some good news to speak of. Remember a couple months ago I mentioned a mystery guy? Well he's still a mystery, but I did see him at last night's tournament. On the first break I noticed him sitting at one of the tables. Totally caught me off guard because I had forgotten about him. His table had already started playing again so we got in one good non verbal exchange. I was well ahead in the tournament so I could afford the distraction. But a couple hands later I looked over and he was gone. It never occurred to me to look at his chip stack.

Wow was he cute! Is it hot in here? Probably just early onset hot flashes.

I need to be downtown at 10AM and I'm meeting my publisher for brunch after. So, I guess it's a good thing that I got up early after all. 


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Have a great day lady!

Oh god, Murder She Wrote. You may come off the blogroll just for bringing back that particularly bad memory from my childhood.

6:17? Sounds like a body screaming out for

i know how you feel, i woke up at 6 AM today after i was up until 4:30 last night. doing what? nothing!
i don't know what to say about your mystery man, but be careful! things don't always turn out what they seem. but they may turn out better though ;)

Dinner at 3:30!!heheh..maybe you'll find yourself sitting at a tray table watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy back to back!! Good luck with m-guy!

Regarding waking up can help to make sure your bedroom is *really* dark and quiet. You may be getting "wake up!" cues from light and/or sound.

He's workin' you... careful of the ones that want you to chase them. If you do it they can disavow responsibility!

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