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April 27, 2007

Pocasting, Poker, and more Procrastination.

I snapped some photos at the poker game last night. I put them on the Poker Blog. Also, Mike and I came to an agreement on the podcast name yesterday and we'll start production next week. He sent me a funny skit he did. Especially funny for those of us who have had or have cars like this.Check it out below.

And I'm still the reigning world champion of procrastination on that other thing I was suppose to do this week.

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April 26, 2007

Bros Before Ho's or How to Lose a BFF

Floral_1_2I went through this once before and it's happened again. Let's hop in the ol' Yoga Coffee Outlook time machine and travel back to my freshman year of high school, AP biology.

This is where I met my friend Cari. It was during high school that she started dating a guy named Sean. Sean was basically a spoiled brat and very controlling, but Cari liked to be controlled so it worked for her. I knew they had problems, common stuff for high school. I usually got the abbreviated version. I was not actually the BFF. I was the one-away BFF, second on the speed dial.

Cari continued dating Sean until they moved in together at college. Sean wasn't actually in college, he was busy avoiding growing up and hanging out with Cari's first in line BFF. Do I have to tell you what happens next? Yes, Sean sleeps with the BFF and I am moved into the #1 BFF spot.

I listen to it all. I get the entire background on the relationship. Not only am I disgusted with Sean but honestly I'm confused about how a smart person like Cari can be with a guy like this.

So now that I've told you that Cari was a smart person, I'll demonstrate how wrong I was. Even though Cari and Sean are basically common law married, Cari decided to have an affair with a guy she met the bar where she and Sean hang out. She sleeps with the guy, feels bad about it and tells Sean. What does Sean do? He makes the guy she had an affair with his new BFF and invites him over for BBQ's.

So now her boyfriend/common law husband is best friends with the guy she had an affair with. She suffers through having this guy at all of their parties and over to their house to watch X-files every week. It's even more humiliating for her because the sex that they had was of the advanced variety. So it's not like they just got drunk and jumped in the sack. They did "things" to each other. Kinky things.

So for a couple of years I hear about every fight, every indiscretion, every negative thing and I bag on Sean as much as possible. I always take Cari's side. I basically support her through it all.

I get a wedding invitation.

In the mail.

So I call Cari. She's cold, distant, and tells me that she had to make her future sister in law the maid of honor. Her bridesmaids consisted of a step sister and another girl that neither of us had seen since high school.

The lesson I learned was that when a friend dumps all of their relationship problems on you they are basically making you hate their boyfriend/husband and creating a no win situation for you.

When this happened to me I was pretty upset. But I learned that when a friend bags on their boyfriend not to jump in and declare that their man is a "Fucking Prick to the 19th degree". So lesson learned.

Well, history repeats.

So I have had a friend who basically had a lot of problems with her husband last year. She dumped all of it on me and I absorbed much of it. From previous experience I knew never to say bad things about her husband. I was basically a shoulder to cry on and I was happy to do it. That's what friends are for.

Well this past weekend she was with her husband in Las Vegas and there was an incident. A bad incident. She called me. Her husband found out that she told me. I can only speculate what happened. But when she returned she canceled a long standing arrangement we've had and I knew she was distancing herself from me.

I understand. How can she possibly have me over for parties now that she and her husband both know that I know about all of the things going on in their relationship. I get that. But it just burns me that I've completely been here for her and even went out on a limb to cover for her and this is how it ends.

So basically, if you have a good friend and they are struggling in their relationship, if you want to keep them your friend, you can not allow them to tell you the details of their bad relationship. If you do, just know that  they will no longer be able to look you in the eye AND stay in their relationship. I don't know if there is any way around it. Maybe just don't hear it, be busy, pass them off to another friend, but if you are a witness to it, there is no possible way for them to maintain a relationship with you and the person that treated them like crap.

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April 25, 2007

Redecoration, Amputation, and Procrastination

Ho ho ho... How do you like zee new work space painted in zee Franch Bleuhhh?


I woke up to snow yesterday morning and instead of doing some financials I decided to paint my office. The painting didn't take half as long as disassembling the desk and reconfiguring it to the opposite corner of the room. I was feeling a little blocked so maybe brightening things up will get the creative energy going again. But, I still need to take care of those financials.

This morning I went down to the basement to find some picture mounts and stepped on something. My first thought was that it was a metal shard of some sort. It felt like a sticker. Whatever it was it was small and I just flicked it off of my foot. About ten minutes later my foot started itching and then ball of my foot filled up with blood and went numb. So I made a little trip to the emergency room.

The diagnosis was that something bit me and caused a reaction. The treatment; one tetanus shot and heavy antibiotics.

They think I'll live. And now I'm out of excuses for not finishing those reports. Maybe I'll take up origami.

April 23, 2007

Did John Chow Steal My Zune Contest?

You might think the self proclaimed dot com "mogul" John Chow invented the Internet or maybe just blog whoring. But would a guy who has over 4000 feed subscribers and charges $300 dollars to do reviews on his site really need to steal my contest and not even have the decency to link me?

My "Oh no you didn't!" was activated when I saw Chow's contest was nearly identical to my Zune contest. Would the self proclaimed mogul really take my idea and allow his readers marvel at his back-linking genius without giving credit?


Now, before you go saying "John Chow sure is a copycat," let me point out that I can't possibly be the first person to give away a Zune. Maybe he came up with an extremely similar contest on his own not knowing that I launched the same contest 5 weeks earlier. You know... about the same time he and I both joined Mybloglog and were parked side-by-side on the "Hot Members" list. Around then... about. 

He's not really "evil" is he? Because it would take an "evil" person to do that.

By the way I checked and is available.... or it was. Another amazing coincidence?

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April 22, 2007

What I'm thinking today.


April 20, 2007

James Morrison Concert Photos.

A nice fellow named Jared that I met at the concert Wednesday night emailed me these images today.

Thank you Jared. :) It was fun.

James_morrison_concert_001 James_morrison_concert_014 James_morrison_concert_025 James_morrison_concert_030

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Men couldn't handle the pain, Va Jay Jay Sculpture, More Fashion

Today I have two sets of blisters caused by fabulously painful shoes.

Conversation while in a restroom stall last night.

Her: "Great shoes."

Me: "Who me?"

Her: "Yes"

Me: "Betsy Johnson"

Her: "cuuuuuute"

Me: "Thanks, I like yours too" (I really did)

Her: "They're fucking killing me!"

Me: "Same here."

Her: "Is it me or are there a lot of short guys here?"

Me: "Seems like it, but I'm 5'9."

Her: "Me too."

(conversation pauses)

Me: "Men should wear heels."

Her: "They couldn't handle the pain".

Me: "True"

Img_6846_2Yes that is a what you think it is. Last night, Amy Kahn threw a premiere party for a line of jewelery she is producing for Eveve. Met some wonderful women there including photographer Lucia De Giovanni. I have this weird interest in workspaces. So I snuck back to Amy's Studio and snapped some pictures.

Img_6847 Img_6849

After I went to a Fashion Show at DC10. Some Pics.


April 19, 2007

Clarification, James Morrison, & Edward Scissorhands.

Oh the water, let it roll all over me. ~ Van Morrison

I guess I should explain the previous post. I did get emails and even a couple of calls. People worried about me. I guess you thought I was drunk or a wreck or something worse. Not at all.

Really, yesterday was just another day. But I think I was just tired of checking my stats and seeing him here again. You know, I just don't see why he's here. The last email exchange we had, I joked about something and he was quick to take offense to it. I had to back peddle all the way to San Jose to keep things friendly.

There are only three possible reasons I can think of for him reading this blog. One of the reasons makes him a horrible person and the other two make him a coward. I'm no angel in the situation. But I still have feelings for him and I'm vulnerable. I felt like I had to draw the line, because honestly when I'd see him looking in on the blog I'd feel something. I might be weak but I'm not a masochist.

That's, I think, the last I'll say about that.

Now to dispel any concerns that I was some sort of pitiful wretch at home drinking and blogging last night let me tell you what I did.

Edward_scissorhands2_3I went to the opening night of Edward Scissorhands. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the entire house erupted in applause and cheers. Standing O's. Visually the entire production was amazing.

I will make one tiny criticism. The performer who played Kim Boggs, not pretty. I know she danced beautifully, but she's the love interest and she had harsh features and did not fit the part visually.

Ok, but still go see it. The cast rotates.

Also, this might be a good one for the guy who hates to going to the theater, but goes just to keep you happy. There are no men in tights, technically edward is wearing leather. There is a lot going on visually, no lulls. And, there are cheerleaders

Earlier in the week I got an email from a friend who works for UMG. He implored me to check out a musician named James Morrison who was playing at the Larimer Lounge. Swore up and down that he was the next John Mayer. 

So after Edward, we went to the Larimer Lounge to catch James. My friend was right James Morrison is the next big thing and someday I'll be blogging about the time I saw James Morrison performing in a rinky dink one room lounge with 10 foot ceilings and Christmas lights strung along the wall.

James was amazing. At times he was a little difficult to understand, though I'm sure the people in Darby understand him just fine. Very gracious with the audience who purchased him a shot and a beer. He did a very lovely cover of It Stoned Me, making me wonder if there was any relation.

If he's coming to your town and you have a chance to catch him in a small venue I suggest you do it. He's touring with John Mayer this summer and I suspect this will be the last of his small shows. His voice is a little like afternoon sex with someone you love. Yes, it's that good.

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April 18, 2007

You’re so vain... You probably think this post is about you.

I remember that it’s your Birthday… or it will be. It’s a little early.

Born on Earth Day which I think is sort of the universes way of laughing out loud. After all your biggest concern for the environment is likely the impact of global warming on track conditions. How do horses named Kelly factor into your handicapping these days?

I know you read.

You know, I know you read.

Are you just watching to see me self destruct like everything else you watch. Are you laughing at me, finding humor in watching me struggle? Why are you here?

I openly admit that I still think about you and despite the impossibility of it all I would try again. Making me pathetic and possibly gives you the entertainment you were hoping for?

So there it is.

You took a pass, remember?

If you want me in your life, then you have to choose to be in my life. My real life… not my blog.

If you don’t… you shouldn’t come here anymore. It hurts me to see you here, knowing you didn't want me. I've put most of it behind me. You should too. Maybe it's time we both let this thing go.

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OK Free Movies

NapoleondynamiteFor now I guess, you can watch movies online for free here. No signing up for anything, just pick the movie you want to see. Oh, they are full length feature films, not porn. I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite as I type. I've gotten a lot of crap over the last year because I haven't seen it yet. So there you have it. I'm sure this will be quashed soon so enjoy it while it lasts.

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April 16, 2007


French_frogWRITER’S NOTE: This is not “Why I won’t Leave New York, Part II AN AMERICAN PASTRY CHEF IN PARIS…(which, many people don’t know, was the original title and concept of the Gene Kelly movie. But early on, during the table reads, he (and as we know now, quite brilliantly) suggested that they drop the “pastry chef” from the title and then also not make it about a pastry chef. “I think it will have a broader appeal”, Gene was quoted as saying)

OKAY, back to being serious…SO, you sent your kid away to study hard to become a successful, world-renowned pastry chef. He made it through the boot-camp of a program, landed a job right out of the gate at Chez Dessert in Paris. THE Chez Dessert. He’s been there a few years, speaks the language, has even bag(uette)-ed himself a sassy French woman with Moulin Rouge roots and some sort of castle in the countryside.

You’ve visited him a couple times, he’s the only American that everyone in France loves. Le Flavour of France. And YOU…you, you, yes you…you’re proud that he made it big and left Kansas in the dustbowl, the way you never could. And face it -- that vivacious vicarious life which you’re now leading needs to be constantly fed like the tape-worm that it is, right? …

Okay, so THEN, one day, your son calls back to Salina, interrupting your immersion in “JAG” … “I’m coming home to run the Dairy Queen.” “But…but…son…sure the Blizzards aren’t as rich as they used to be, but that’s only because they started using store brand Oreos (Food-Town-eos)…mmm-hmm…of course the community would benefit incredibly but—it’s WINTER! The DQ’s boarded up, for God’s sake -- what’s that you say? …You’re sick of the fast lane…you’re feeling your life has a higher purpose…you’ve already made a filthy amount of money…could have five times as much space for what you’re paying in rent…generally sick of the constant struggle…want to give something back???

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!! (Sure dad’s dropped the “f” bomb a couple times, but now MOM!??) Look – not for nothin’ but that culinary college wasn’t exactly CHEAP, you know…no, of course not, and that’s…I…you…SON, you’ve earned this. Just because you’re on cruise control there, jettin’ through the upper echelon, not feelin’ the rush of acceleration like that first year of bakin’ fancy tarts or “torts” or whatever the fuck (mom’s really lost it now) those unsatisfying half-a-serving Tasty-Cake wannabe gelatinous excuses for a desert you “create” are…just because of everything I just said (go back and review if you need to), you can’t quit now!!! SUCK IT UP!!! (She never said that either) That’s right, SUCK IT UP, PUSSY!!! (Now I’m going to puke) So you’re a little bored. Welcome to LIFE. PLOW ON. Like in the bible. They’re always plowin’ or sewin’ or doing some arduous task that ain’t fun.

We didn’t raise a God Damn gelding, did we? Wait – let me ask your father, “he had balls, right?” (Dad, from the TV room) “Yes dear, they were there the last time I checked. (He was “kidding” but there was that time or two during the night when the future pastry chef was fourteen…he slept through it, no harm done) but I’m in the middle of “JAG.” Tell the chicken-shit I said listen to his mother the way I never should’ve…(under his breath so that mom can’t hear) I think I know who stole his balls.” (Mom didn’t hear) “

So you see, son, your dad says stay the course so that you don’t end up being like his fat marshmallow ass, stuck to the Barca Lounger for the rest of your life.” (Dad in the other room, who’s not deaf, again under his breath) “Honey, I’m glad I banged your sister before she died.” (Again mom didn’t hear) (But she knew) (And don’t think she didn’t have her share of revenge “sweaty-animalistic-slammed-up-against-the-wall-of-the-Motel 6-by-your-younger-handsomer-foreman” type trysts, either…)

(Back to the son in France) “Mom? You and daddy have always been there for me. Like a rock. You stayed together when everyone else’s parents were getting divorced. Because you guys had faith. FAITH…in each other…the sanctity of marriage…hell, in STAYING THE COURSE. You’ve convinced me. I’m never coming back to fuckin’ (he liked this new side of his mom) Kansas. Sionara, suckers! …um…I’ll call you next week. (click…dial tone…)

EPILOGUE: (Mom knew her son was simultaneously right and wrong…she had made him who he was. In fact, it was this and perhaps the greater paradox of life in general that probably caused her, like De Niro in at least three of his films, to viciously (maybe it was some sort of bizarrely manifested elation) slam the phone into the cradle, repeatedly, the bell (they still had a phone with a real bell) ringing in a contorted, carnival-esque way, the bakelite casing a mess of splinters…just then, daddy, who has snuck up from behind, surprise-slams Mommy up against the new Sub-Zero, takes her like, well, her sister and once again consummates their thirty-five year functioning train-wreck of a union…CHUGA chuga CHUGA chuga…) “who’s your foreman, now, sis…” (panting) “I love you.” (more panting) “I love you too… (Sweaty sighs all around, then a bit of primping) …Now let’s go catch that funny last moment of Jag where he says something “witty” and they freeze-frame it. Credits roll.
WRITER’S NOTE: Or is it…?

April 15, 2007

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Sleeping_pillsYes, it's time for me to admit that I have a problem. 4-6 hours of sleep is not enough. I've tried to reason with myself, but I simply will not go to bed at a reasonable hour. So, I'm resorting to pills.

Sleep now, detox to follow. Sweet dreams.


April 13, 2007

Bringing Sexy Back...

By now you may have noticed a new guest author here. A few of you might be thinking this feels strangely familiar. A couple of you have emailed me and said as much.

It would seem that the podcast is going to be revived... resurrected if you will. There are still details being worked out. I'm guesstimating there will be a show by next month.

So who is Mike Koleman? This is a little YouTube of Mike covering an alcohol trade show. He's funny, he's witty, and he's probably been paid to make fun of midgets. I am of course kidding... I'm sure he's never made fun of midgets...for money.

Wednesday night I attended the second week of Fashion Project Denver. The challenge this week was for designers to make an outfit with items purchased from Ace Hardware. I was pretty amazed with the designs. Here are the photos.

Last night I played cards at Whiskey Bar. I met Jason before the game and we talked about TWID. One of the things we talked about was the potential down the line to share some office space. You would think that working at home is ideal... but it really sucks you in and you begin feeling like you are always at work. So the idea of having an office to go to is a little appealing to me. I at least like the idea of having the option to go into "the office" from time to time.

After going out of the tournament James and I played heads up. I know he's going to read this and I have to give him a little shit because every time I got stacked, James would say, "Hey let's play a different game". But I did totally dominate him in razz, crazy pineapple, and Omaha hi. :P

Tomorrow is Doors Open Denver. So I'll be building hopping downtown and doing a little article research. Planning on taking pictures and will of course post them here.

Have a great weekend!

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April 12, 2007

Why I won’t leave NYC, Part I

All of our friends are moving out of New York City. WARNING: The following essay is elitist, offensive and conceited. Enjoy.

Why I won’t leave NYC. I’ve learned how to live here. It took a long time, lots of money and God knows probably a couple years off of my life. So I’ve earned it. An acquired skill, if you will. (And even if you won’t.) Let’s face it, it’s better to live here. Everything and everyone is here. Anything I want. I can buy a ribbon for a 1954 Royal Portable Quiet Touch typewriter at 3 IN THE MORNING. Yes, I’ve done that. And no, I’m not going to tell you how. I’ve earned that knowledge.

Lots of other things too. The plethora of world-class museums…(I never go but what’s it to you?) The Empire State Building. Every native New Yorker has the same sorry excuse – “I actually did go to the top once because I had relatives visiting.” Not me. I go up just to get rid of my pennies.

Also, I know how to navigate this city. Doesn’t matter – driving a car? CINCH. I know the Bronx River Parkway flows better than the Hutch, but I listen to the radio for the traffic report. (Comes on the AM radio 3 times in every 10 minute period. 880 on the 8s (if no Yankees game), 1010 on the 1s, and Bloomberg on the 5s (if no Islanders or Rangers game). I DANCE. FIGURE IT OUT. The radio guy says the Bronx River is backed up? The Deegan or 95 will work. Or, hell, if I have to I’ll cut THROUGH the Bronx. I’m not afraid. I read Bonfire of the Vanities. He got in trouble because he DIDN’T know the Bronx. But I do. And Staten Island too. Lived in Queens for ten years. Brooklyn for three. Not a problem.

Didn’t come overnight, though. Spent many a Friday night sitting in NYC traffic on the FDR for an extra two hours on my way to a gig that was only supposed to BE two hours away in Jersey or Connecticut. Because I didn’t KNOW…hadn’t been here long enough to know that you need to listen to the traffic report at HOME, HOURS before you leave on a Friday night. You may even have to leave the night before. I’ve done it. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s worth it.
Okay, so what about public transit -- taking the train? CINCH! The A’s stopping at Broadway/Nassau – not crossing the river? Big deal -- so I walk over two avenues, jump on the F to Jay Street, catch the A on the Brooklyn side. The 4-5 isn’t running uptown? Gotta go from Houston (pron. “Howston”) to 96th? Uptown express bus. Middle of the day. Scoot right on through. I know. I’ve been here. I figured it out.

I see out of towners when they come here. Full of that heartland bravado “I wouldn’t put up with this bullshit for all the tea in China.” (NOTE: The writer does not use clichés like “all the tea in China”, but the heartlanders in this essay do. Not ALL heartlanders. Like I said, just the ones in this essay.) Well, I will put up with the bullshit. Because an education is a terrible thing to waste and, more importantly, I can get anything I want here. Including most fancy Chinese teas. Part II to follow...

April 11, 2007

Edward Scissorhands At The Denver Buell, I'm all about it.

If that sounded perhaps like I received free tickets to say that... I did. Let's just say it's one of the perks of having the most popular blog in the universe. THE UNIVERSE. Yes, I probably should be slapped for that.

NotsoglamourousWhile I frequently get requests/offers, I rarely accept. A certain national photography studio harassed me for weeks trying get me to do a promotion for their photo packages. You know the one responsible for the awkward collar grab shot ala 1982. I declined, then I declined again, then I declined and told them I thought they were lame. But, I digress.

So coming to Denver April 18th thru the 22nd is the stage production of Edward Scissorhands: A musical play without words. Did you catch that? No words. How VERY*

Watch this.. it's very VERY*.

And just because you read about it here, you can get the BOGO deal.

Edward_scissorhands Buy one ticket, and get one FREE for all performances of "Edward Scissorhands" at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (excluding Saturday, April 21 at 8 PM). Order online at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Online Ticket Office.

You must order online and use the promotional code EDTOPIA to receive your FREE ticket.

For more information about the production visit the production website

or for showtimes & tickets visit The Denver Center For The Performing Arts website.

*If you don't get the Winona Ryder reference you are too young to be reading my blog.

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April 09, 2007

I'm Peep Free

Another Easter down. Another year avoiding peeps. I do not like peeps Sam-I-Am I do not like them at all. Seems like every year someone tries to push them on me. I've been avoiding the obnoxious yellow things all my life why would I cave now. Possibly because they come in even more obnoxious colors then before? Ewww. Did you know there are peep offs where people down as many peeps as they can, vomit them and document the whole thing? You'll have to google it I'm not linking it here.

So my peep free weekend included a fashion show on Saturday. Afterwords I went to one of my favorite boutiques and chatted with the owner for a bit. It gave me a chance to vocalize something I've been thinking. There's a sort of fashion matriarch in Denver. It's well... a little tired. I certainly don't want to bad mouth the powers that be, but my approach is very different. I just feel like the loudest voices in Denver fashion are the least original. I'm actually unimpressed. You would think of all the media outlets the one that I represent, strictly web based, would be the most commercially influenced. Not at all.

I guess while the others pass the microphone back and forth, I'm going to hang out backstage and get the real story.

Some photos from the show.

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April 08, 2007

What Easter means to me...

What Easter means to me…I agreed to be the guest blogger today (thanks Kelly!), Sunday, forgetting it was EASTER, way back on something like Wednesday, maybe Thursday. My memory is not so good since…I can’t remember when. That wasn’t supposed to be a hacky joke. I seriously can’t remember when I started considering myself a guy who can’t remember much further back than yesterday. I still don’t quite understand how it works – how it works that my memory doesn't quite work so well anymore...

I like to break things down. Helps me understand things better. And also ruins relationships. But that’s for another sacrilegiously timed guest blog entry. ANYWAY, I’ll break my problem down…First, I’d like to pinpoint the exact time at which my memory goes fuzzy. If that’s possible. Okay, so I CAN remember what I did this morning. I rose. From my bed. Not from a tomb. It’s not as noteworthy, I know. I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, I’m just saying that this morning we shared a verb. Okay, I rose, or got up. Had coffee. No yoga (sorry Kelly). Took some cute pics of my 8 month old daughter in a dress that looks like a fancy Easter egg and sent them off to her four sets of grandparents. Yes, four, it’s a long and not un-interesting story. I’ll tell you about it on Christmas.

Okay, before this morning was the nighttime, I slept. Got that down. Before that came last night, we had a dinner party with a couple that we’re very good friends with. Good times. Okay before that…before that…wow, it’s getting a bit fuzzy…it was Saturday, the afternoon it must’ve been, and I…we…must’ve gotten ready for the dinner party…but…how? ……….Trying to ..........................…………………………… remember …………………………….. ..…………………………nothing .....................................................................................nope………………………………………………………………….nada……………………………………frustrated……………………..can’t………………………….remember………..Dammit, so that’s it I guess. ‘Pinpoint in time’ test over-with. That wasn’t very far back, was it? …a bit disturbing…couldn’t really even cover the last 24 hours…you know what? I’m going to ask my girlfriend Leecia (who remembers much more information than I’m generally comfortable with her remembering) what it was that we did yesterDAY…and maybe that particular activity will be a clue as to why my memory became fuzzy at that non-particular time…

(Me yelling to the other room) “Leecia? What did I or we do yesterDAY?” … (Her from the other room) “We got ready for the dinner party!” “NO, before that!” “You sold your chandelier in the City!”…

That’s right! I did! I had this vintage chandelier that I sold on Craigslist. Drove into Manhattan and met this guy who came in from Jersey. He pulled up behind me, got out of his car, walked up to mine, I got out, took out the chandelier, he liked it, asked about the switch, I explained it to him, he said “great, I’ll take it”,we turned around to go to his car and a cop was writing him a ticket for being parked in a bus stop. His car was running, the door was open and he was standing not 10 feet away. It’s a tough city, this New York City…115 bucks! The chandelier was supposed to be $200. I felt bad and told him 175, he said “thanks”, reached into his pocket, could only produce 172, I said that’s fine and he went home with his $287 chandelier.

SO…seems somewhat of a noteworthy event to have just vanished into the thin air in my skull…Hmmm….what to make of it…I guess my conclusion is that we’re better off having a mate. If for nothing else, the memories.

Now, what was I writing about…oh yeah, what Easter means to me. Hmmm, honestly, I don’t like to discuss religion.

Happy Easter

April 05, 2007

Fashion Project, Last night... Thinking bout' last night

"She was dark and discreet, she was light on her feet
We went up to her room and she lowered the boom"

I love those lines.

Anyhow, last night I went to the Fashion Project. I met up with Jason and Benny from TWID. Met a lot of other great people. I finally got to meet Brandi S. from Fashion Denver and b23 productions. I had interviewed her last week about the Seed Fashion Market happening this weekend. She's pretty dynamic. Apparently she's on a kickball team. I need to remember to ask her more about that.

There were a lot of mother/daughter teams in attendance, which was good because someone needed to protect those girls from my cohorts. These are some photos I took of the show. The project was "Little Black Dress".

When I got home I checked my email... Pathetic I know. However, a potential podcast cohost had just emailed me wondering if we were going to talk more about the show. So I called him. It seemed like a perfectly good idea considering I had been drinking a little. He's a professional comedian/actor. He's done the whole traveling stand-up thing and lives in New York. A pretty nice guy, a little negative... but that's pretty much what I asked for. Positive people don't have a lot of angst. So I'll let him introduce himself. He's agree to do a guest post here on Sunday.

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April 04, 2007

Industrious me.

I go through the phases in a pretty obvious way.

1. Contemplation

2. Retrospection

3. Imagination

4. Formulation

5. Creation

6. The Madness

I'm in the creation phase right now which is the busiest phase. It's the working phase. The madness comes later, but it's too early to talk about that.

Tonight I'm attending The Fashion Project at Tamarac to work on a piece for TWID. Looking forward to it. Don't want to be late and I still need to iron my tights. Plus if I'm late, Stillness is going to be grumpy with me.

Here's a clip from the show.


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April 03, 2007

How Sad... People Amuse Me.

Angry_20woman_smallI belong to a freelance writing group on yahoo. When I say I belong I mean I subscribed to receive a weekly newsletter on Tuesdays. The contents of the newsletter are leads for freelance writing jobs.

This is the group message board.

So, today being Tuesday I got my newsletter. Basically a girl named Anne publishes the newsletter. She does this for FREE I gather, out of the kindness of her heart.

Apparently, she forgot to link one of the leads. Innocently, someone emailed the entire group,  643 people, asking for the missing link. Anne very politely fixed the link and responded... emailing 643 people.

Unfortunately there was still some confusion about the link and using humor, someone mentioned being sober, then someone commented on being drunk, then some uptight dude got upset about "ladies" abusing the group email system to flaunt their love of booze, (my favorite flaunt BTW), then someone (one of those feminists I've heard tell of possibly) took objection to being referred to as "ladies", obviously drunk.

All interspersed with a handful of ignorant people who responded in objection to receiving spam but not apparently knowing what true spam is and that they themselves were just adding to the problem by responding to all 643 people.

I was amused. AND... I sent out an email to all 643 people telling them so. I hope that most just smiled as I did.

This is Anne's blog BTW. Looks like it's new so stop in to say hello. She's had a rough day.

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Wall Around the World

That's right, free promotion. All you have to do is give up 5 of your friends email addresses.

Leslie, Nichelle, Kit, Liz, and Jason expect spam.


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April 01, 2007

Fare Baccano

Just finally getting a moment to write. The last couple of days have been busy. Friday I was holed up writing articles an working on the website for my new business. Friday night I went to a friends house and watched some movies. Had a moment of zen, while watching The Holiday. I won't say which one, but one of the characters is me to a tee. Exactly me. Guess which one. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being right.

Img_6312Yesterday I drove up to Vail to meet with the other editors of TWID for the Vail Film Festival. This is a shot taken during the Q & A portion of the screening. My colleagues had some great questions but I just enjoyed the experience of observation. The overwhelming favorite of all the editors was "The Wine Bar", a story about an unlikely hero who is finds himself in a wine bar and strikes up a conversation with a mute girl.

Afterwords we had dinner at the Terra Bistro. I'd been looking for booze since we first met up. I'm sure the others who I'm still just getting to know were wondering about that. Someone once recommended Chopin vodka so I ordered it up. I have to say it was pretty good. It might be may new favorite new drink.

We each ordered a couple of first courses and shared them family style. We had, scallops in a vanilla cream sauce, sweet potato ravioli, grilled Gruyere, spicy beef pot-stickers, veal, and some other things I can't quite remember. I stopped short of dessert, but there was some chocolate involved.

Afterwords I wanted to get back to Denver for a fashion show at DC10. Katie, the arts editor caught a ride down with me. I'm sure she found my conversation almost as enlightening as my driving. I dropped her off and made it to DC10 just in time for the show. I also think the staff at DC10 is pretty amazing. It was nice to finally see a club run so professionally. I think sometimes with high end clubs the focus is more on an image then actually delivering past the front door. Not the case here, it's very well done.

So now I'm up. I was tempted to send my clients outrageous invoices as an April fools joke. I had to consider that most would not get the invoices until tomorrow and the humor might be lost on a Monday morning. Especially humor involving money. I also worried that a couple might actually pay, which would be messy to fix.

So Happy April Fools! Try not to piss anyone off.    

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