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March 30, 2007

How Sick!

Thedream89x116Had an unusual dream last night. I dreamed that I had a cold. Just a regular run of the mill stuffy nose cold. I guess I was a little disappointed. I'd feel more satisfied if I had a dream about contracting malaria, bird flu, or flesh eating bacteria.

What's next, a dream about doing laundry or writing blog posts? Color me unimpressed.

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March 29, 2007

Hey it's spring... Ways Out.

PersistenceDid anyone else ever use that term? "Ways Out"? Lame... Anyway...

I was going to go to Vail today but the weather is kinda hinky. Hinky is the technical term for questionable. One of the perks of working for This Week In Denver is that we get invited to fun events like the Vail Film Festival. The festival kicks off tonight, but I won't be going until tomorrow.

It's snowing right now. Just yesterday I was amusing myself with thoughts of playing golf and poolside reading. Guess it was premature. I've scheduled a couple of posts while I'm gone. It's been a while since I've had a guest host, maybe I'll tap someone for next weekend.

My ex who reads this blog via his network of friends asked me yesterday who the guy was in the picture I posted last week. I can understand his curiosity on some level, but honestly he knows I don't like him reading my blog because what he's doing is keeping tabs on me. His position is that it's a public blog on a website available to everyone who uses the internet. The street in front of my house is also public, open to anyone who wants to drive on it, but that doesn't mean I want him driving by to see if I'm home or what I'm up to.

I'm not sure why I mention this. I guess I was going to write more about a trip I might take next weekend and I feel like I have to reconsider what I'm writing because of him. I don't actually care that he reads the blog, obviously, but it's because he knows that it irritates me when he does it... that irritates me. I would like to think that he realizes that it's exactly this sort of behavior that reinforces my decision to not stay with him in the first place.

I've gotten some seriously great responses to my ad for a podcast cohost.

The Ad.

Wanted: Male Podcast Cohost for a girl/guy general topic podcast.

Don’t really want to be on a podcast? Doesn’t matter… the last guy didn’t want to be on one either. Besides, if it’s been your life long dream to be on a podcast you’re probably not right for this gig. However, if you require gentle persuasion and will cave once you realize it means more attention, this might be for you.

Desired Qualifications:

You should be intelligent and have some sort of straight lace day job that fosters pent up aggression. Even better if you use bad behaviors like drinking, gambling, or recreational sports to detract from an obvious lack of direction in life.

Not being easily offended is a requirement. Being the source of irritation in the lives of overly PC people is a plus.

You should read, write, and speak English. Dropping the occasional F-bomb is considered a perk in the podcast world.

You should believe that you are more attractive then you actually are. If you actually are attractive you should refer to yourself in the third person.

At the very least you should know someone who knows someone.

You should exaggerate. A lot.

You should be funny in a cocky and confident way.

You should have at least three nicknames because your birth name does not encompass the greatness that is you.

Compensation: Immense satisfaction from hearing yourself talk.

Though I just don't imagine finding the right person for the job this way. It's a little too straightforward for my style. Saying I need a cohost and then picking one from interested candidates can't possibly work can it? For me it has to be something less obvious like a wrong number call at 4 a.m. which initiates a conversation and ends in me asking the person if they want to podcast with me. Randomness... I'm all about it. It makes life more interesting.

Ways Out!

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March 28, 2007

How to cheat at chess

So, you'll never believe what I did last night when I was drunk. Actually I wasn't drunk. That's only an excuse I use for times when I do something spontaneously without consideration for the repercussions. Like the time I poured rice krispies down the a/c vent in my friends car... wait I was drunk when I did that.

Anyway so, I advertised for a podcast cohost. It's just... I got to thinking... summer is on it's way and I didn't want to be stuck spending yet another summer out in the fresh air, playing golf, entertaining on the deck, eating funnel cakes, and chasing tail. I want to be stuck inside all day editing audio files, munching altoids, and pimping a podcast to anyone with a broadband connection.

I suck at chess. I was hoping someone could tell me.

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March 27, 2007

Hey It's Your Birthday! - A little late.

Hey it's Ricardo's Birthday... or was. Go give him a Birthday blog hit.

One Paco Birthday card for you my friend. Happy (Late) Birthday!!!


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March 25, 2007

Friends'er good.

Yesterday started out pretty bad, it was raining and I was late to meet my editor for brunch. I had to deal with another situation that I feel weird about and I'm going through a poker lull and I just generally felt funky.

Despite my many efforts and excuses to stay home playing sick and sad, my friend James called and persuaded me to play cards with him in Blackhawk. Actually, James staked me for the night. This was a huge compliment. James is an excellent player; he's one of the dealers in a regular tournament I play in. His nickname is 'the reader' because he is sick in his ability to read what people are holding. Although I was able to get him to admit that he is not able to read me yet, I'm sure he's trying.

I know for certain that he would not stake me if he thought I was awful. Actually, he could have just as easily persuaded me to go to a free game if he wanted to.

I don't know that anyone would be interested in the details of the play. But I'm mainly grateful that James got me out and playing. I'm in a rut right now with my game. I think it's a case of too much knowledge and not enough experience. During the night I was up and down but playing really well. I finished down on the evening, but I did the math and James actually won the deficit from me. So in the end I got to go to bed not feeling like I lost any of his money.

James is a good poker friend. I wrote a post in my poker journal about poker friends. Basically I'm really grateful for his support and help in making me a better card player. Not so much the tutoring, more in that he knew what to do to get me past my rut. Actually I've been very fortunate to have several really good players supporting me right now and helping me along the way.   

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March 23, 2007

Red Team Go.

Devona2I don't know how to talk about my personal relationships here anymore. Maybe I need to work out a system of secret codes with you all.

It's real difficult, especially after last year, for me to get my hopes up only to be disappointed. I don't want to write a post about the most awesomest guy ever and then feel like someone took a shovel to my chest.

I guess you just need to read between the lines. But I want you to know that as of right now more then just a bet is in jeopardy of being lost.

March 21, 2007

Did Heather Mills Die?

Okay, finished painting the kitchen and nook. I betcha can't tell. The color in the kitchen is called smoked umber and the nook and living room are painted a shade called hazelnut cream, both extremely neutral.

And did something happen to Heather Mills? I've gotten like 100 hits for "Heather Mills" today alone. All I could find is that she's going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Meh.

Kitchen3  Kitchen2

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AYCO Funlinks

I have another blog most people don't know about called AYCO Funlinks... It where I put weird stuff like this.

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And now try to follow me, because I'm gonna be moving in a kind of circular motion, so if you pay attention, there will be a point!

CarrywaterI had dinner with my friend Kendell last night. So she asks me what's up. And I sit silent staring down at my napkin. "Well," I take a long pause and then take a longer sip of wine, "it's too much... I forgot".

Happens here in the blog too. This picture of the girl carrying water is how I feel. Both sides are equally weighted. In one jug I have some very difficult things I'm dealing with. The other jug is filled with wonderful opportunities and people. While I'm totally balanced, the weight is heavy.

Some of you might have noticed that I'm not responding to comments which is something I did regularly before. Because of everything that is going on right now I've had to limit the time I spend on the blog.

So what is going on?

I'm launching a new business in May. It's an original idea, something nobody else is doing so I've been fairly quiet about it. But it involves setting up a new website and working out all of the legal details of starting a new business. I already have several clients and I'm setting up and managing their accounts now.

I'm working for There is a lot of front end work to be done. So right now in addition to scouting events and writing articles I'm building a network of contacts. This is a busy month for the Denver fashion scene so I'm just trying to stay on top of it all.

I'm painting my house room by room. I finished the living room last week, I'm nearly done with the kitchen and starting the foyer now.

I'm playing poker daily. Sometimes live tournaments and sometimes online, but daily. If you want to be good at something, you have to do it a lot. I started a totally separate blog for my poker journaling. I realize that poker posts are only interesting to poker players and truthfully... even poker players are not likely to be interested in anything I have to say about poker. It's more or less a place where I can write about it and not ruin this perfectly good blog with position vs. structure philosophy.

I have two entirely new social groups that I'm a part of now. So I'm establishing friendships and enjoying the "new girl" status while it lasts. I've been asked out a couple of times, in the past I would have said yes but I guess I'm just not that interested in dating right now. I hate to admit it, but the prop bet is something that I'm grateful for.

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March 19, 2007

Gleaning my email... Masturbation, Sudoku, and Heroin... Addiction is just an advanced form of procrastination I learned.

People... some of you people send me a lot of JUNK. This week spammers finally discovered my inbox. So I share everything here... I thought I'd share my inbox with you too.

Naked painted peeps on parade from Melvis.


Kevin alerted me to films that use the F word most frequently.

How to procrastinate by zefrank from M

Then pretty much the worst thing in my inbox this week was this...

How to Avoid Colloquial (Informal) Writing - very funny!

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March 18, 2007

Me and Audrey... we are like 74% identical.

Ok I may just do useless things on the interweb today.

March 17, 2007

Luck of the Irish - Classic SNL skit

A Yoga Coffee Outlook St. Patty's Day Tradition (I did this last year)

Shamrock_1The Luck of the Irish
written by John Belushi

Belushi_snl_2Jane Curtin: And now we come to St Patrick's Day and John Belushi is here to discuss the luck of the Irish.
John Belushi: Thank you, thank you very much. Well, it's come that time again, St. Patrick's Day has come and gone and well, the sons of Ireland are basking in the glow. When I think of Ireland I think a lot of colorful Irish expressions like, "Top of the morning to ya," "Kiss the barney stone," "May the road rise to meet ya," "May you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead," "I'd like to smash you in the face with my shillelagh," "Danny-boy," "Begorra," "Wail of the banshee," and "Whiskey for the leprechauns, whisky for the leprechauns." But the expression I think most people identify with the Irish, is, of course, the luck of the Irish.
The luck of the Irish. Sure. Let's say you're in a pub somewhere in Ireland, oh, anywhere in Ireland, some guy comes up to you and says, "Hey is that a bomb on you I hear ticking?" And then BAM!!! Your small intestines are on the ceiling and your brains are on your car across the street. That's the luck of the Irish for ya, who's kidding who, okay?
Let's talk about the bad luck of the Irish, all right? How about this, POTATO FAMINE!! How about that? It scares them, doesn't it? Well, it should. That's why they came here in the first place. So they wouldn't have to work in the potato fields. That's why they became politicians, priests, and cops. Luck? Gimme a break.
(he gets more and more worked up as he continues)
I got a friend, his name is Dan Sullivan, he's Irish as they come. We used to drink together a lot. After two drinks, he would look like an Irish pirate. You know? You think he had luck? In one day he got his car stolen, and the stupid, he had no insurance, and no license, and he gets locked up for being drunk. And after that, he takes off for someplace like India or Nepal, or someplace like that. And his mother dies, ya know, so they wire him to tell him to come to the funeral. It's his mother's funeral, that's all. And he's in India or Nepal, sitting squat-legged listening to some sacred cow. So he comes back and he gets stopped at U.S. Customs for trafficking illegal drugs, not holding, he's trafficking. I mean, here's this guy Sullivan, his old lady kicks off, he gets popped at the border and he's sitting on fifty pounds of black Tibetan finger hash and two keys of slam. Now that's not bad luck, that's DUMB luck. I don't think luck has anything to do with it, I don't think he has any brains at all. First of all, he's drunk, then he's a junkie. I don't know what's worse! Don't ask me, ask Sullivan! And what happens?! He calls me up and says, "Hey man, I got busted at the border. I need five grand bail." I said, I said, "Five grand man!? Hey man, I've never even seen five thousand dollars in my life, so don't ask me for it, man, why don't you ask your mother!!" (aside) Which was a dumb thing for me to say because his mother just died. (returns to his loud tirade) Right now, I got this drunken Irish junkie who wants to kill me because of what I said about his mother being in terminal dreamland! Oh pal. One thing! One thing!!! They love their mothers, boy, oh they love their mothers. It's momma this, momma that. (starts flailing his arms wildly in the way only John Belushi could) Oh my Irish mother! Ireland must be heaven, because my mother.. aauugghhh! Aaauugghhh!!! (as he flails he nearly slams his head on the desk and then falls off his chair, still screaming)
Jane Curtin: Well, that's the news. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

This is the code if you want to share:
<br /><br /><ahref=""><img src=""></a><br /><br />

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March 16, 2007

Francis Carminati

Francis_carminati_2I know an awful lot of people read this blog. If you happen to know Francis Carminati could you give him my email address? Last I heard from him he was living in Grenoble, France. This photo is about 8 years old.

Who knows? Stranger things have happened in my life.

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March 14, 2007

LOL Donkaments

I'm taking the day off. Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in, go to the gym, eat moules et frites for lunch, visit the Denver Art Museum in the afternoon, and maybe play a poker tournament tomorrow night.

That's it... no email, no business, no internet, no phone calls, other then the equipment at the gym I'm avoiding things that plug into outlets.

Vive la Revolution

BTW... I also refuse to capitalize internet.

BBTW... lol donkaments

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March 13, 2007

Feed Me - How to use feeds... I think.

One of the features implemented on my website is a link to this site’s feed. It's at the top and implores you to "subscribe" with the obvious orange icon.

If you already use feeds please be sure to update your reader. If you are new to using feeds, like I am, here is a brief tutorial. I’m no expert, but this is almost exactly right. Someone will correct me I'm sure.

A feed is basically data that is broadcast on the internet. Any website can broadcast a feed.

The purpose for using a feed is to alert subscribers to when a website has been updated without having to continually check back. While I love the hits I get from you stalkers who just can’t seem to get enough of me, for most, using feeds will save you time… and the subsequent frustration you experience when you see that I still have not updated..

In order to use feeds you need a reader.

Yahoo, Google, MSN, and AOL all offer readers free to account holders.

Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers all have built in feed readers. I use IE7 and it’s till a little buggy but the reader works fine.

I highly recommend using Bloglines. Bloglines is a free service. You create an account and subscribe to your favorite webpages… like this one. Bloglines also has a notifier that you can install that will alert you whenever one of your subscriptions updates.

There are other services like Rojo, Newsgator and Blogarithm.

After getting a reader... if you don't already have one... whenever you see the feed symbol all you need to do is click it and you will see the page feed. This first click will not create a subscription, you will need to select the “subscribe to this feed link”. What should happen is whatever feed you are using will launch you reader and you follow instructions from there.

Using the feed also helps out your favorite websites by letting them know that you like their content a look forward to receiving updates. So if you are not currently using a feed please seriously consider doing it. Also seriously consider adding me to your feed subscriptions.

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The Nipple Twist Story

According to Buddha "All that we are is the result of what we have thought".

How true is that in your life?

The elementary school I went to was an equal blend of white, hispanic, and asian students. There was also an autistic program and visually impaired program so the school was pretty diverse. But there were only two black children in the school. They were brother and sister. Billy, the boy was in my grade and I always thought of Billy as the "bad boy". Although I can not remember one single thing that Billy did wrong. No incident that is. I know he went to the principals office, but I don't remember why. 

I think back and wonder if Billy was really a bad kid or deserved the image he had. His younger sister was very smart and she wasn't labeled in any way that I ever can remember. Mostly everyone made fun of the asian kids and the retarded & blind children. I don't know how to sugar coat that. Kids are mean to each other. I was the teacher's pet, good citizen, student council president type so I didn't really ever tease kids, but in some way I angered a girl named Jennifer.

1st_grade_1Nobody was friends with Jennifer. She was kind of wild and liked to growl.... I'm serious, the girl growled at people. This is her picture... She is growling.

One day at recess Jennifer charged me and grabbed my left nipple and pinched it really hard. Like an animal. I doubt that she was "aiming" for my nipple, it's just sort of where her hand landed and she pinched. You know I have a scar now. It's not immediately noticeable... not that anyone really sees it anyway... but it's there.

So my body is permanently marked by this person I don't know or understand. I was thinking about how we do leave marks one and other all of the time. Of course they don't usually leave scars on our privates, but they scar us in other ways.

Jennifer appears in my dreams sometimes, but often lately. I'm an adult and she is still a child. Usually I am trying to restrain her from attacking me. I'm overcome with concern and I want to help her even though she is hurting me or trying to hurt me.

I'm sure I'm repressing something and her appearance in my dreams has some deeper meaning.

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March 10, 2007

Ladies Day

Now it's the ladies turn. These are some girl blogs I've found recently that I'm enjoying and maybe you will too.

52_cupcakes 52 Cupcakes. My favorite dessert is Birthday cake. The cupcake is of course the smaller cooler, more heavily iced version of the Birthday cake. 52 cupcakes, that's one a week for a year.... furiously doing math on scratch paper (nordstrom bill)... So 500-600 calories per cupcake X 52 =37200 calories divided 3600 (number of calories to burn a pound) = I will gain 10 pounds and go up 1-2 jean sizes if I eat 1 cupcake a week. I think I'll just check in on this blog to fill my cupcake needs.

CharmedCharmed & Dangerous. Dariana has an awesome blog! She's an excellent example of a blogger who treats her readers like family.Whatever the subject, she is very open with her life and experiences. Always extremely welcoming and entertaining. I sound like the geek talking about the popular girl don't I?

Lala_girl LalaGirl - Twinfinite Chaos. Colorado women are super well adjusted, especially the bloggers. You know why? Because we don't let the small stuff bother us. We have our bad days here, we just don't string them together. Might be the beautiful weather. Laura is a mother of five and looks awesome. She's the person you start talking to in the grocery line and always have something in common with. I make it a point to never judge moms either way. Let's just say I'm not worried about her kids at all. One of them will probably grow up to be the surgeon that saves my life someday.

ShakewellShake Well Before Use. This blog has panties, nude protesters, robots, condoms, boobies, global warming, sex parks, fruit, birthday cake (you already know it's my fave), morning wood, fake breasts (what good blog does not have fake breasts?), password protected panties, boobs, ass, thongs, vodka, puppy love, guttersluts, vixens, joysticks, and cheese. How may more keywords do you want?

March 09, 2007

Hold it.

Tonight I had the perfect read on someone except I didn't understand their motivation. I knew what they wanted me to do. Or did they know that I knew, making them a genius? But that made less sense. How could they know that?

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March 08, 2007

Let's Talk About You!

Blah, Blah, Blah, I talk about myself all of the time.. Today I want to talk about you... Or some of you... There's a lot of you really... I can't talk about you all.

Crypthunter_1The Crypt Hunter. I sometimes have delusions of great adventure. Whip snapping, crocodile wrestling, reach into some guys chest type adventure. Sarge, if your content was published in a book I would buy it and keep it in my guest bathroom. That is a compliment believe it or not. I would also buy it as a gift for my friends and I would lie to them, by telling them that you consulted with me for most of it. Beware the man in the bolo hat.

LighterfootstepssLighter Footstep. You know what, I don't recycle. When I'm at Whole Foods and the sage smudged henna goddess behind the counter asks me if I want paper of plastic, I don't know what I'm supposed to say. If I pick paper am I killing trees? If I pick plastic am I polluting our environment? Is there a right answer? I usually just try to go in the line with the really cute dark haired guy who has more then stubble but not quite a beard. I wonder about that not-quite-a-beard brushing against my inner thigh.... whoa... UM so Lighter Footstep.. It's about living a more sustainable life, everyday.

Chronic_ssChronically Sick But Still Thinking. I like his squirrels or bunnies, whatever. My enjoyment of this blog has noting to do with the fact that Sebastian is a young, attractive guy who happens to be in a chronic weakened condition, stuck in his house all day, with little female companionship. I would hate anyone thinking that I would prey upon a guy like this... did I mention he speaks French?

Dr_fong_ssDr. Fong's House of Mysteries. I think this blog might be the arch rival blog to Crypt Hunter. Initially what caught my eye was "Today's special, human heads- shrunken, regular size, or extra large." Then I got to thinking about what was more expensive shrunken or extra large? Shrunken because of the processing or extra large because of the weight? I was too afraid to ask. There is some seriously messed up shite in here. Tell me where else can you find a box made from the skin of a Chinese murderer? Tell me. You can't do it.

BeamanBeaman's World. Beaman is eclectic and divine. If sometime in my lifetime I don't get the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with this blogger it will be a shame. We go back a bit to his previous blog Beaman in Berlin. When I feel the need to chill... This is where I hang. My hat wearing Canadian blogger friend with never a typo, NEVER and perfect grammar. Too bad he does not like rich girls or well I'm not rich so who cares. Do you see the pattern here? It's all guys. Tomorrow I'm doing the ladies. Words/phrases seen on Peter's site... "Slutty McSlutterton", "chicken shit eye", "Britney Spears c-section scar", "crappily", and my personal favorite, "you've gone down on everything but the Titanic".

Go visit these guys and tell them I'm talking smack.

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March 06, 2007

Very Publicly Yours,

Dear Readers,

First for those of you wondering, is it possible to have a private... publicly visible blog? Even when specifically done under an alias? Nope and good luck. Eventually your friends or others become aware of it. Nobody can keep a secret. People who don't like you or have nothing better to do will use it against you when they can. Eventually you are exposed. It happens.

SomewhereelselargeI've been leery, but I have finally decided that it's more to my benefit to just be public and not so recondite all of the time. went live this week and I am linked there. Now the 10,000 or so subscribers who are geographically my neighbors will all be able to find me here. It's a little weird.

I'm going to add to my "about" section a disclaimer of sorts;

This is not an autobiography, this is not my resume, or a dating profile... these are my thoughts and observations. A running and dynamic commentary on my life as I see it at a particular moment. Just like whatever you might be thinking from time to time, except published for entertainment purposes... and my own general amusement. There are typographical, spelling and grammatical errors... do not point the out to me.

Or something along those lines.

Eventually, someone will follow the link here and read something like the post titled... "Honk if you like porn" or "Brazilian wax all up in my business" and judgments will be made about type of person I must be.

I know another blogger who had to change his blog once before and just took down his most recent blog for work related problems... again. It happens to a lot of people. Some have lost their jobs over maintaining a personal blog.

There of course is Dooce.. who goes by her full, real life name now. For those who do not know, Dooce lost her job for writing about her coworkers on her website even though she never mentioned specific names. She's responsible for the term getting dooced. The story goes like this. You can bet she would never have been fired if what she said was positive.

Someone should try that. Please, someone for the next six months just write about how fantastic your company, coworkers, and customers are. Let me know if you get a promotion or raise out of it.

So judge not.

Very publicly yours,


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March 03, 2007

Ok now I get it.

The_day_afterI'm sick. It feels like the flu. Achy, fever, the shakes and chills. I've been feeling tired and run down since Wednesday. Now it makes sense. There's not really anything too interesting about being sick and run down.

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March 02, 2007

Me no sleepy. Me worky and me walk funny.

I've just been running ragged for the past two days... or three days.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Sheri. We came to the conclusion that we are creative geniuses and we should have an agent or telemarketer who sells our talent to the world. If anyone is looking for a job and will work on 100% commission drop me an email.

The lunch had a second purpose. Sheri is a photojournalist and she was helping me out by photographing two sisters who were the subject of an article I wrote for Which is another reason that even in my sleep I'm getting no rest. I've been doing the chicken dance in my dreams. goes live March 5th...

Which reminds me of something that always gets under my skin this time of year. Why does February only have 28 days? I need those two extra days. Why can't we cut January and March down to 30 days and give them to February? February 28th rolls around and I feel like the chair was pulled out from under me when March surprise judo chops me the next day.

My boot-camp pain has subsided but was replaced by some small strange pain in my ass that was caused by my funny walking during the 3-4 days of recovery from boot-camp. I always wondered what I would feel like when I was 80. Now I know.

Speaking of "ass". Hats off to the guy who won the poker tournament last night wearing the t-shirt that said "Ass... It's the other vagina". He caught more pocket pairs then humanly possible. Nice game sir.

So where was I? Last night in an effort to cram as much as possible into my day I arranged to meet Jason... My editor not my personal trainer... At the Whiskey Bar before the poker tournament. It's a little weird for me to know that my editor is aware of the prop bet. Not that I mind. But it's like I'm wearing a t-shirt that says... "Sex, it's the other thing I'm not doing".

I'm not sure how much longer I can maintain the prop bet. I have been getting more done. I've painted two rooms and replaced all of the window fixtures in my house. I'm fine without the sex. It's that snuggle time and the intimacy of it that I miss. Ladies, we all know you have to give up the kitten to get the snuggle time. Except for the rare guy out there that will give you the snuggle time without the sweaty exchange, but we don't really respect that guy... not really. Sort of takes away from the experience. For me anyway. So may have to do something about that.

Other less noteworthy things. I met a guy who works in robotics and a guy who is a hallmark researcher. I got stoned off of second hand residual smoke from the guy who sat to my left. I got urges caused by secondhand residual homosexual tendencies from the guy who sat on my right.

It's snowing a bit today. I have a phone meeting in 20 minutes, a meeting in the Golden Triangle in 90 minutes, and a birthday lunch in 215 minutes. When I get home I will be slamming coffee and up all night working.

Oddly enough when I run spell check on this post the recommended spelling for is Scandinavia. Weird,

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