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February 23, 2007

I'm Giving Away A Zune

Zune_2Last year I gave away an I-Pod Nano. This year I'm giving away a 30 GB Wireless Zune. Click below for details.

I am giving away a 30 GB Zune Wireless MP3 Player to one of my readers. I will randomly select the winner from those who qualify by July 1, 2007.

Zune_4 How to qualify.

1) You must have a blog.

2) Include in a blog post the following text

Kelly at A Yoga Coffee Outlook is giving away a Zune MP3 Player

3) Include a link to (this exact URL)

4) Leave a comment here so I know you want to be included. Don't forget your email and blog information.

Have more then one blog? You can have one entry per blog but you must leave a separate comment for each blog to get credit.

Any questions please email me.


So if you are asking yourself... is the a contest? The answer is NO. A contest has far too many legal issues for me to involve myself with. I will give a Zune away randomly as described above. I will ship it to the winner at my expense. I will not pay any duties or import fees if you happen to be outside of the US. It's only a gift. I am not making any agreements or promises, I'm just alerting people to how I'm going to decide to give a Zune away for FREE.

By the way, I reserve the right to change my mind entirely and not give anything away to anyone... Let's be real, stuff could happen. But I did give away an I-Pod Nano in December so chances are good that I'm actually giving away a Zune now.   

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Thanks for the entertainment Kelly. I still would've done this without the Zune incentive... but I suppose it doesn't hurt either ;)

Thanks for the entertainment Kelly. I still would've done this without the Zune incentive... although I suppose it doesn't hurt. ;)

Okay, I am in. Give me a a little bit to get my post and link up. This is too cool. You rock! Thanks for letting me know about this. Wish me luck! :-)

from eNergy BLOG, good luck for everyone.
I did it, you are on my left bar.

cheers ..

Please include me. I'm kind and I've been told that I've got killer eyes. Also I followed your instructions. So I rule.

Dari sent me, but I have visited your blog before. It is good so keep up the good work. I don't have a blog, but can be found over at mybloglog - does that count? I will post the link in my comments. Do I get 1 entry for a ZUME? Please, with sugar on top!

Consider yourself pimped.

OK, between you, ari, etc. (twisting my arm), I have created a new blog. It is at

RE: prop bet Now I have a place to put 3 word sayings and ask if I am right! LOL

I created a link so NOW do I get an entry? Or should I say - thanks for the Zune.

P.S. You are the first on the blogroll - Good Job!

I'm in. Thanks Miss Yoga Coffee blogger. You just got some link love via my humble blog.

Also if I win, I'll send you all the jello I have on the shelf in return.

I have been told I am a very good pimp, so I thought I would try my hand at this give away. If anything I gave it my best shot, and that is all I can do.

My site is:

Pimped post is up a:

I'm in! Thanks for having this!:)

*crosses fingers* here's my blog

*crosses fingers* here's my blog

Sanitybreak is really "sucking up" I see as always, tee hee hee. :-)

Don't shoot me Kelly, but you have been tagged over at my blog. It's a great cause to safegard our kids on the net. I don't usually do these, but this one was worth it.

Hope it's okay if I'm here just to wish you a lovely weekend:-)

You're too generous and quite the lovely gal! I will do you a solid and not talk about poop and post about your fantabulous gift.

Kelly, great idea for building up your link network!
I have you listed here:


Excellent contest/like-building idea, Kelly! I'm entering, and I've gotcha promoted right here:

Now I gotta go read the rest of your amazing blog! Thanks!

I sure hope I win. Zunes are cool.

Wow, a Zune? Sign me up! Cool name for a blog too.

I have your site listed in a post. I am glad to find your site. While it would be nice to have a new zune for free your blog seems to be very interesting and has been added to my reading list. Thanks.

Hey Kelly. Posted about the contest here:

Will be posting a few more on a few other blogs. :)


Great idea. Was thinking of a way to make my site more "sticky". Yogis seem to be getting a kick out of it if their comments are any indication

Anyway, I posted your link on the YogaDawg blog at

I've got my lucky Popsicle stick ready and I plan to win!

The post is actually post dated for Monday (02/26) so you'll be able to read it in all it's goodness then.

For now I'm going to watch the race, drink Dead Guy Ale and rub my lucky Popsicle stick for the win!

I'm in. Free stuff is cool. :)

Alrighty-- I'm in. But let it stand for the record that I do it for love and not money. (love the new masthead, btw!)

Hi Kelly, just to let you know you're blogged!

ILuvlinkz! ;-)


We've posted about this giveaway for our readers over on

No need to enter us in the contest, we just wanted to share this with our readers. Thanks!

Is it really Monday. Have a great one!

All done you can find the link at

The Zune link is up! Good luck to me :)

Please include me! Cool idea.

Posted it at
Also, that post will go through to all my facebook friends.

Anyways, thanks for awesome contest!


You knew I'd be in. I just finally got around to it now. You know where I'm at.

Ok, count me in. My post is up.

Your giveaway is spreading like wild fire! I'm in too. Your post is here:

Thanks for letting me know about the competition. The link can be found here:

Here you go this is my blog. I am not concerned about winning the gift, although i do believe it is a nice gesture on your part. I do hope that you find the time to check out my poetry.


Count me in!! Brad at Blogg'd

We've mentioned your giveaway on our website in hopes of this giveaway gaining more publicity. :) Best of luck!

Thanks for doing so Kelly.
I love to participate.
Here is the link :

I'm psyched - please include me in this contest/raffle/awesome give-away!

Thanks for letting us participate.

Had I not found your link I may have never been a blogger. I have been bitten by the blog bug. Im
And what a great way you have to spread some blog. Count me in

Thanks Kelly :o)
from a newbie blogger

I am such a prize slut.

Yay! I found a new and interesting read AND I'm guaranteed a free Zune and an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas. Wait, I may have to read that again...

I posted the give away on my site

wooooooo hooooooooo

I've written a review on the Zune.

I posted it on my blog:


::::::::::GREETINGS FROM ICELAND::::::::::::::

Hi, I've just inserted the text, as I really want a Zune (would be the first in Iceland with one); just to be on the safe side I insert my blog name here (nota bene, it's my very first - so visitors are bound to see the link to your blog):

I think that you may become my new hero if I win :-)

Hi Kelly,

I hope you will consider me in your give away.

Hi Kelly,

I hope you consider me down here from the philippines.

Have a site official for the philippines, zune users...

Ok, here's your link. enjoy your semi free advertising!

Here is to URL to my blog entry!

I hope I get the Zune, I've been wanting one since before it got released on the other side of the Atlantic!
I don't want to import one on eBay so I found this and it is perfect! -- be sure to check out my funny send up video - pilot - - or here if you don't like SplashCast for some reason ---

Rex - rex dot tv!

W00t, I did it! Here's the link:

I did a good job at it too by the way.

Woo hoo! I've got your text and link up there right now all ready to go.

Well, this is a nice offer! I have given the offer on my blog!

I added a link to your giveaway and site to my site


Here's my entry:

oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I accept your challenge!

oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I would like to win, please...

another one...
you're so cool to be doing this!

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