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January 24, 2007


Well I thrilled you all with my last post. Prepare to be wowed yet again by my bathroom shots. Seriously... this is all I've been doing. Which reminds me I received a total of 4 emails wanting to know what the remote thingy was on my bed. For those who wondered but did not ask, it's a sleep number bed. My sleep number is 75. Also, Yes... I own a Dyson. Might I point out I'm a little worried about the detail at which some of you were viewing the photos. :P

So if you are not bored yet, the color is called Chocolate Froth. Going on it's nearly white so it was really hard to gage the coverage until it was dry. Overall I'm happy with the color and think that the transition to the bedroom color works.

My dog Blue thinks it's thrilling.

Img_5881_1 Img_5911

Img_5889 Img_5895_1

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His and her sinks. Central tub. Separate shower. Nice bathroom. Color looks good.

Your bathroom is the size of my apartment!

Blue has that look of "Woman! What are ya doin' to my place?!?

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