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January 16, 2007

On the UP side...

Too much gloom here. If it kills me I'm going to find happy things to write about. These are some photos from a party I went to.

After_party_6 After_party_10   After_party_11 After_party_5_1 After_party_3_4 After_party_7 

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I know this isn't exactly appropriate, but you are gorgeous! Just thought I would throw that out there...

Smiling, happy Kelly! Yeah. Nice to see you have been having some fun. I've been worried that you've been sitting home alone with the lights out, staring at a very sharp kitchen knife that sits on the table in front of you. It's good to see you've been getting out.

Thank you Mr. Jones! All women like hearing that.


You know about the knife??? Great well you know what that means. Don't you!



Hello Beautiful.

Hello M!



Looks like a great time. Good to see you smiling :-)


No more gloom though, leave that to people who are losing at poker.

ooooooh..i like the photo in the bottom left corner the best! They're all great shots but that one's all "hot and sticky" ;)


It was a good time. Now if I could string a few more together and make it happen more often that would be good.



Is that how it's pronounced there? :P
Hey I know you've got game... don't come pouting around here. If anyone is gonna get attention by whining it's gonna be me.


Hot and sticky? eh? Did you take a chastity oath too? I'm going to slap you with a against character fine. :P

Kidding... How many times have I oogled you?


Aren't you cute!!!


You know I didn't post the fugly pictures... There were some. :)


I hope the party helps keep those nasty dreams away, Kelly. Sweet dreams to you.

Looks like a great party, and you look like a million damn dollars.

Looks like a great party. Nice shots as well.

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