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January 29, 2007

Oh You Kids Rock!

Always cool to wake up to good news in your inbox.

First, Ricardo just informed me that he finished his screenplay. I hope this means he is going to go out and get rip roaring drunk. Finishing a large project like this deserves a Paris Hilton moment! Nice Job!

Ricardo! YOU ROCK!

Next up... Billy Harvey was nice enough to give me a track that was used on the old podcast. Billy just released his new CD Bearsick. Stop by his Myspace page and give him a listen. Another big project in the can.

Billy! YOU ROCK!

And saved the best for last... My friend Bob Gentry looks like he had an amazing time performing at the Key Club. He rocked the house, saved some seals, tried to get into Slashes pants, and saw some naughty things he can't talk about... but I will force him to tell me about later.


Bob Gentry! YOU ROCK!

I seriously love to hear good news.

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rip roaring drunk.

Ha! I've never heard that phrase used outside of Eastern Canada.

Great post! Yes, good news is always the best - looking forward to more of those:-) picked a cool shot! thanks mucho for the plug..i'll give you the dirt soon :)

K you're the best, I love ya! I need some serious over the top mayhem. Any hot ladies that wish to join me, may!


Am I speaking Canuk again? I paid to have that beaten out of me.


Yes, The glass is half full.


Yes I did you are looking good. I can't wait to catch up.


Hot Ladies? You're already drunk aren't ya. :)


K, you will know that I'm in a highly drunken state of mind when I ask for the "Hotties in da house!!!" At that point I'll need people to carry me away.

Get off your lazy ass and write's not Jan. 29 anymore you know. Just because you've sworn off sex (which makes no sense by the way)doesn't mean you can just sit around drinking mint juleps all day. Do your readers know that you can have them sent to the loony bin at your whim?

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