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January 28, 2007

Oh... Hello There.

Coffe_cupIt's been 4 or 5 days, strange for me. I actually did a post titled Sweat Lodge & The Abnormally Small Penis Story, but I decided to leave that private and not publish it. If anyone is really interested drop me an email and I might be willing to share.

I have been quite busy. I have two new jobs now. One I can't talk about publicly and the other I can. So I will. I just signed on as the Fashion Editor for a local website called This Week In Denver. At this moment it's a mailer about events and happenings in Denver. Next month sometime it will be a fully navigational website. So I'll go ahead now and declare that it's the shit and I'm pretty lucky to be affiliated with it.

In other news I was sick all week with a sucky head cold. I was pretty much able to function as normal, just not feeling good the whole time. I'm only doing yoga on Sunday mornings now. I had to sit down and prioritize things. It's easier for me to get to the gym on the fly versus trying to make it to scheduled classes. Especially since I have physical therapy 3 times a week for the neck problem. I'm sure it sounds like I'm falling apart, actually I've dropped about 8 lbs over the last three months. I have been working out quite a lot, but I think some of it may have to do with stress and not eating.

The house next door has been listed for sale since Halloween. While walking across the landing on my stairs I noticed a ratty looking little girl staring out what I assume will be her bedroom window into my house. Don't be offended by the ratty little girl comment, I was actually a ratty looking little girl myself. I had left my window uncovered because the previous owner kept the blind closed. But if this girl is anything like I was she will have her window wide open and will be watching me. So time to cover the window. I will just add that to my redecorating list.

So next week no major plans. I was invited to play in a home poker game. This is kind of a big deal because there was quite a bit of lobbying to get me in. Men typically don't want women ruining their guys night. Fortunately, these guys are fairly serious players and are intent on taking my money. So I will try not to let them. My secret weapon is to start talking about menstrual cramping if I get too pressured by anyone.

Have a great week!


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Shrinkage! It's just shrinkage I tell you!

Hope you feel better. Congrats on the 2 jobs. Don't overwork yourself.

I guess that's a winning strategy as far as poker goes. And you be sure to eat right, you!

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