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January 12, 2007

Like Fargo, but fewer lunatics...

Antonio_fargas_huggy_bear_1Yeah, I've never been to Fargo. But it's like that outside now. Or at least from what I saw in the movie... Minus the crazy inbreds, angry salesmen, and barfing deputies. I'm going to Las Vegas next month to defrost. I gave up on cranking the heat up and dancing to Bossa Nova music in my yoga shorts.

I'm writing a lot. I have not heard back from the Paris Journal yet, so I'm anxiously awaiting the return of my story with a "thank you.... but no" note. The S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope) I included has a photo of huggy bear on it. I thought it might help to cheer me up when it arrives. I'm sure the literary gods will not be amused. It's just the sort of twisted thing that I find funny.

I've not had an official job offer yet. But I think I'm close to working for website here in Denver as a fashion writer/fashion liaison.  It's the kind of thing that I was looking for and I think would ultimately lead to world domination. Maybe not world domination, just Denver fashion scene domination. You gotta think big.

On the left side bar is a link to AYCO funlinks. I put things there that I find funny or amusing. It's a totally separate blog. I try not to junk it up here. It's like the distorted and sick closet of my mind.

Have a good weekend and leave a comment so I know you are still here.

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I'm still here, just so that you know:-)
- Hope you get a '... and yes' from Paris Journal - I'll cross my fingers for you!
Happy weekend to you too:-)

Still here. Good luck on the job front. I too am kinda trying to sort my career path. Have a fun weekend.

Still here. Good luck on the job front. I too am kinda trying to sort my career path. Have a fun weekend.

Still here!
Good luck with the job interview.
Rejection letters suck. I never thought of making the return envelope funny though. I'll have to try that.

Kelly and domination. Mmmmmmm. Thank you for that visual. :-)

Fun link? I suggest a Google Video search for "Jesus The Musical".

Of course we are here. We are hanging on your every word. Oh, the world domination thing is overrated. Once you're in charge, every little bugger expects you to solve their problems. It gets very tedious. Go for the fashion domination instead, although I have to admit I didn't figure you for the whole leather, whips and chains thing. Hmmm, the skiing dominatrix. Wild. As Tony commented, interesting visual. :)

Good luck w/ the writing gig, you deserve it.

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