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January 21, 2007


I did finish painting my bedroom just as I was about to lose light. I will have to do the master bath another time. The one thing I was not sure about was how to deal with the ceiling. I think it seems weird to not do anything to it. But I've never been a ceiling painter. Maybe I'll just wait until I figure out what to do about the light fixture... Maybe I'll go to Mike & Toni's Chandelier Galaxy and get a know to really class up the joint.

Img_5869 Img_5872 Img_5877 Img_5874

I had a Yeeeee moment when one of my real life friends crossed over and left a comment. Which was awesome... and even more awesome was how she very cleverly dropped a major bomb.

As time goes on my blog world and my real life are merging into one. It's very odd. Maybe some of you can relate. I think most bloggers enjoy a sort of public anonymity. Which is a contradiction, I know. But for me the cat is out of the bag and I am going to need too make some serious choices about how much I say here. Just because I don't mind my life being crawled by spiders and indexed into a search-able database does not necessarily mean the people in my life are willing to share that experience with me.   

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Nice shade of blue. :-)

Very well put.

"Ya neeed a CHANDELEEEAH!!!!"

Thanks Chris... It's sort of minimal...

Madame M.

I DO need to get a CHANDDEHLEEEEAR. Have you ever eaten a steak under a chandelier? I gaurentee it's a whole lot better under a chandelier.

Here I am in Germany, yet commenting on your blog-- you lucky girl. Good on you -- the painting that is. Blue tape sucks b/c it pulls (well at least in my case) the paint off the ceiling. I thought it was meant to be paint safe. Anyway, your work looks nice.

First she writes about naked yoga.
Then landing strips, or lack of landing strips.
Mentions "dominating" now and then.
Now she posts pictures of her bedroom AND talks about eating steak under a chandelier.
Oh yeah!

If my wife sees this she won't let me read your blog anymore. :-)

Hey Chas,

Guter Tag!

Wie ist Deutschland? Hoffnung trinken Sie viele Glas Bier.


Have you ever drank a bottle of wine under a chandelier? It's a whole lot better I'll tell you that!


Nice paint job. I could care less about the public anonymity however.

To mangle a quote: "Everything's better under a chandelier!"

Or you can do the fortune cookie thing and add "in bed under a chandelier".

K, I think you are asking where in Germany I am -- I am in Garmisch at a US military R&R; facility. I have had many beers and I will have one for you. Cheers.

You have to get a real girly girl chandelier for that room! Or maybe one made of capiz (google capiz) which are these thin discs made of shells. No venetian blinds, please or worse, vertical blinds! How about shutters for the windows on the inside in white? Or fat wood blinds in a honey maple?

(can you tell I do this for a living?)


well yes... The Ricardo Web...:P anonimity killer...


Yes very funny in a bed under a chandelier...


I think that's what I said... that or "excuse me where is the rooster cave".

Maritza I know exactly the chandelier you speak of. I saw one in the west elm catalog... I might do something like that.

I should confess that I've always believed down deep that I am Mame.


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