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January 15, 2007

Cold Bunny

It's just freezing. Colder then hell? I don't understand that expression. I also don't get the colder than a witches tit saying. Which makes me wonder if breast implants get really cold in weather like this. If you happen to have implants or you are a witch could you please email me and let me know. Appreciate it.

So yesterday my friends and I went to a sports bar near my town called the Brewery Bar III. Their famously hot green chili warmed me up. Watching the Chargers/Patriot game I was jealous of the entire city of San Diego. Wearing shorts and t-shirts! If you are from San Diego or anyplace above 60 degrees right now...I hate you. And how would you like to be Nate Kaeding? Besides being a really well payed pro bowler... I hope he went home, mixed booze and pills and is still sleeping it off. Poor guy.

Photo_011407_001_1And look at this poor little guy. He was sitting outside the Starbucks across from the Brewery.

I joined a poker site called Poker X Factor. I was doing fairly well playing on a very limited amount of knowledge. I thought I might be really dangerous if I learned more. There are two tournaments today that I'm playing in. Both get reviewed by a site pro and analyzed hand by hand with commentary. So if I don't go out in the first half of the tourney, which is more likely then not, then I get to hear a pro talk about what a weak and terrible player I am. So this is what I'm doing for kicks now that I'm not having sex. Wish me luck.

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Although it pleases me that you've at least temporarely commited to abstinance, umm poker could get really expensive. My daugter reminded me that medical expensenses can sometimes rack up due to uncommited sexual relationships, so we are debating right now which would be riskyer. Can you find something less expensive and just as risky oh say bungi jumping?

I first read your blurb about Shawn Colvin and left a comment on that about having met her at Passim and learning that we were born on the exact same day, both played Martin D-28 guitars and recently learning that she got sober the same year as me (83) and suffered(s) from major do I. From there I found this site and decided to write right away since you posted this date. I thinks it's ironic that you're talking about poker while I'm literally sitting in room 1832 at Foxwoods (call if you don't believe me) compulsively reading everything I can about Shawn because the synchronicity of our lives and the consequences of my different choices intrigues me...since I'm always looking for the slightest trace of cosmic meaning to this existence (I created and operated the Cosmic Bean Cafe in Hartford 1998-99). So I wanted to warn you about gambling. I hit bottom finally on 1-10-07...the losing my very last 50k while trying to make a comeback from several hundred K down over the last 2 years. So I'm literally sitting here with a bottle mixed with oxycontin and ambien very seriously thinking about it...would it be enough, what are the consequences, wouldn't it suck to be rescued or not die and be perceived as a cryor for help You sound like you'd be interesting to chat with and I'm trying to read your stuff. I hope you'll get back to me and somehow convince me that I still can write a beautiful song or find the courage to stand in Harvard Square station at my age and play songs over and over until the cosmos delivers me where it will according to its own design vs my will will, ego, cowardice...I heard you in your little statement about ego...I'm an expert in egoism...studied Heinz Kohut in graduate school and was considered a promising student of his Self Psychology...but I left Boston for a job in the VA in 1992, lost my AA support and musical ones too and now 15 years later am sitting here at Foxwoods using the last of my points in a corner suite...sounds a little funny maybe but I'm really scared to kill myself...not to die...but to do it myself before the spirit/universe is done with me because I sometimes (especially through the example of Shawn) believe that we are supposed to transform every challenge into a triumph of spirit. I know that living on the street in Boston and playing music could be that type of transformation but my ego keeps me bound to status and comfort...lost the BMW, 3 houses...etc, etc...ironically, I started out seeking God's will when I got sober in 83...guess I'll post this now and see if you're even available to chat.

I live about three hours from San Diego and it's been bitterly cold here -- for Southern California. Early this morning it was actually 32 degrees in downtown Los Angeles. We're not accustomed to these kinds of temperatures. It's like a sign of the apocalypse to us. If it gets any colder the only survivors may be out of towners.

Or maybe I exaggerate :-)

Aww...I want to take the bunny home..

Poor bunny. One of my favorite books to read my 9 month old daughter is "Guess How Much I Love You," which stars Big Nut Brown Hare (a rabbit). But I guess this is not what your post is about.

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