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January 19, 2007

Blue Tape

Sm_rosels20hatsYou know what the blue tape is for right? That's right, I'm painting or I will be.

I spent today clearing out my bedroom and master bath. I'm painting everything a shade of very light blue. I don't mind painting, but it's the taping that seems to take forever. 

Later this month the carpet cleaners are coming. You would not believe the enormous amount of hair that my dogs shed. Seriously disgusting and drives me out of my mind. Every time I turn around there is a clump of hair on the carpet. Do they sell rogaine for dogs? And why are they shedding now? It's 17 degrees outside.

I did take that new job and I'm anxious to get started. I'm also putting off the surgery. I'd like to explore all of my options before I let them drill into my neck and fuse my spine together. I'd hate to let them do it and then two years down the road they discover a less invasive and far superior procedure. I admit I got a little freaked out last Sunday when my hand started shaking uncontrollably and did not stop until the next day. My understanding of why that happened is that it has something to do with the disks being inflamed and pinching nerves. Really unsettling feeling though.

Oh, and someone suggested that I change the header picture from the frumpy photo to the party photo below. I kinda like the more serious look. Should we have a vote?


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Taping and painting aren't fun, at least to me.
Who knows why pets shed when they do? Just doesn't make sense.
A second opinion is always a good idea. See what options are there.
Hopefully you'll enjoy the new job. Unless it's working on a manure farm. Ewwww!
I like the header you are currently using.

I love the party photos below! You can rotate the photos maybe? Pouty girl one week, professional girl the next etc.?

Hate painting the ceiling and I never do the tape thing...

Ack! Pet hair is one of the banes of my existence too. I have a cat that I am alergic to that sheds more hair than any animal I have seen. I'm puzzled as to how she still has a full coat.

On the've got that photogenic gene so there's not a bad one of you at all. I'd wager you take a great pic just rolling out of bed.

I, on the other hand am magnetic in pictures for a different reason. 'Tis my highway crash five car pileup charisma, you simply can't look away. :)

Don't know if it would help your situation, but I just heard a story about a woman that went to Germany for a disc replacement surgery. I guess it's not FDA approved yet, so can't be performed in the states...

So this post was interesting... immediately I recalled how about 18 months ago, you headed up a painting mission for my oldest daughter to make room for my youngest daughter's arrival. You were a painting queen arriving with a pack of girls, tape, and painting tools in hand. In no time at all you had transferred a tragic office/guest room into a peaceful oasis of pink tranquility (at least until the 4 year old moved in).

So I have no doubt your latest blue tape project will be ship shape in no time. It's good to know you are keeping up on your painting skills as I may have to call upon your talents again in a few months prepariing yet another nursery! Yep. That's all I have to say about that.

By the way, I vote for the party pic. So very you... attainable yet aloof, friendly yet mysterious!


thanks!... nope not working on a farm... and yes, I think the header stays.


Yep the pouty is definately back... don't ask me why but all the cool girls are doing it.


Seriously very nice of you to say. Thank you.


I don't know. I will be looking into anything I can find.


Robin... you have now crossed over into my blog world... Yeeee... I have to blog about this... After I call you to give congrats. Yeeeee...


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