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January 21, 2007

And Again, And Again, And Again...

It snows, and snows, and snows. It's a good thing I was planning on staying in today to finish painting. I don't know what the snow totals are for the year but it has got to be some sort of record. Yes I know it's January. But where are the "unseasonably warm" days I remember. And don't tell me about global warming.

Blizzard_of_82_2Last month when the blizzard happened there were numerous references to "The Blizzard of 82'". I was 8 years old that Christmas. I found this picture of me. This must have been Christmas day or week.

The coat I'm wearing was like my Red Rider BB Gun. A girl in my class named LaTiscia had it and I being a true follower... needed one. By spring every girl in the class had the same coat and LaTiscia transferred to another school.

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Oh cool. I miss the snowy winters so much!!

Right now its summer here in SA, which is probably my favorite season, but I do really miss that icy coldness.

Enjoy it ;)

Snow... oh h**k, this German winter is way too warm to have snow for more than just a few days. Not that I really care too much - usually, it's all chaos on the roads as sonn as the first snow is here - but it's a little sad nevertheless, having 5 .. 10°C in winter simply doesn't feel well...
By the way: Like the new look of that page. :)

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