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January 03, 2007

32 Flavors and Then Some

Experiencing much peace over the last two days. This is the first time I've cracked open my laptop in nearly 48 hours. I've been enjoying the comments on the last post. I'm playing introvert and have nothing to post about. I do have a massive bruise on my left thigh and buttock region, but all of my ligaments seem to be holding so that's good. Skiing is good and better then I remember. Still tough not being able to do what I use to be able to do.

I think the rest of today I'll spend drinking hot chocolate, listening to Alana Davis and I will try to see if I can lose what's left of my poker winnings from last month. I'll be going home tomorrow morning and hopefully will resume posts that are more interesting than a bruise and playing cards.


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Good to hear you're enjoying yourself, bruises and all. Enjoy the rest of the day and have a safe trip back.

Darling, it's the story that could make getting the bruise interesting. What say it was the result of your breaking a year long self imposed celibacy? Better yes?

Just don't let 'em know it was from being so rusty after a year that you "fell off the bike"...

Glad you has a good time on the slopes!

And I have not forgotten about your last post which still disturbs me. Never got into skiing thing but do hope your bruises recover quickly.

The idea of throwing myself down a mountain is just too much for me. Yet I had no problem being dragged behind a boat. What can I say? I'm weird.

Hope you heal quickly!

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