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September 29, 2006

Bing & Louis had the right idea.

Kids I'm gone fishin' this weekend. Gone_fishing_1

Pop Quiz

I will return _________________

a) totally refreshed and inspired.

b) exhausted but happy.

c) dissappointed and pissy.

d) other

I'm hoping for A or B...

Have a sweet weekend and be good to each other.

September 27, 2006

Pod Girl, Happy Birthday

Mori1Japanese artist Mariko Mori is a little out there... But she is interesting to watch. Her most recent endeavor involves her wearing a special body suit and suspending herself within a pod at various locations around the world. Each pod pose is documented with a 15-foot-wide panoramic photo. The project includes 13 segments and is titled Beginning of the End.

If you happen to be in London you can view Mori's work at the London Gallery Albion beginning October 12th.

Why doesn't she have a blog?

Also Happy Birthday Google! You're 8...

September 26, 2006

Yoga makes me happy!

I've been doing a lot of yoga over the past two weeks. I'm just now getting back to where I was around 6 months ago before I started slacking off. Yoga feels good and makes me happy... but not this happy.

Clearly I have much to learn. ;)

September 25, 2006

Expensive Luggage is for Chumps

TumiI'm going out of town on Friday and I just noticed yet another tear on my black, non-descript, Samsonite bag... You know the suitcase that looks like all of the other suitcases dropping off the carousel. 

About the time I started making some real cash, I bought myself a swanky Tumi suitcase. It was red and silver ballistic nylon, ergonomically designed, with European style wheels.... Oh how pretty it was.

Pretty until I landed in Houston and retrieved my bag. It had a giant grease mark down the front and was scuffed across the side. My $700 suitcase was now worth about $75 in just one trip. Swanky, high end suitcases are for people who don't travel commercially. I will buy some really expensive luggage when I charter my own jet, but until then I'm using my black, non-discript, outlet store luggage.

Where am I going you ask? That is a secret.

September 23, 2006

Fame. It's More Fun With Your Friends

Entourage_1I finished watching season 2 of Entourage. I really love this show. When I watched the premiere of Studio 60, I kept thinking that they were attempting to harness the same dynamic. But I have a feeling that NBC won't let Studio 60 take the show anywhere interesting. Which is exactly why network television is doomed.

Anyhow, If you don't get HBO you can rent or buy season 2 on DVD. Jeremy Pivin's character Ari is my secret alter ego. I try to keep that side of me under wraps, but it occasionally comes out when I've been provoked. The casting for this show is about as perfect as it gets.

Another interesting fact... If you have not read here before then I should tell you I have a thing for Honeydews. They are my favorite brand of panties. Some girls covet shoes... I covet these panties. I'm about 99% certain that Holly Valance is wearing them in this scene.

Warning: This clip is for adults only and its contents are NSFW.

Also... I have now hard linked everyone and removed the blogroll. If I forgot to put you up or you want to be listed differently, let me know and I will fix it.

September 21, 2006

Call me Ms. Kelly

It's unofficially official. I will be a contributing writer at for the Denver area. What? You don't see a Denver area on the site? Haha I know... MY idea. They will be working on getting Denver added and I will be writing up a storm. I'll post more details once Denver is added.

OK ya'll I must get to the gym before Gray's Anatomy starts. ;)

September 20, 2006

Late Night Confrontations and George Carlin Self Help

Have you ever had a day where you just felt a gradual build up of tension. Yesterday wasn't a "bad" day, but it was one of those. I felt this looming negativity all day. The source? Not sure, just felt bad. Maybe I was just missing someone a little bit and I didn't get a chance to talk to them yesterday. Sort of left me feeling on tilt and made me more vulnerable in the greater sense.

Avs_stars_gameAnyhow, I went to the Av's preseason home opener. First... any game your team wins is a good game. The Avs had total control of the puck and won easily 4-1. It's a preseason game; not a good gage for regular season play.

Josetheodore_1 I just thought Theodore was only good, not great. Don't get me wrong, he's as capable as any to have a great season, but he just does not exude greatness. Keep in mind I'm coming from a town where we have high expectations. We/I expect a John Elway or a Patrick Roy. The Jake Plummers and Jose Theodores have BIG shoes to fill.

So, I got home last night and had a message on my home phone. I give my home number to only a few people, mostly family. My friends almost never leave a message, they just call my cell. The message, in my mind, could not be good. It wasn't. Without going much into details, I will say it was a family member calling to express their total disappointment in me/my behavior. They also requested/demanded that I call back "whenever I get done being irresponsible, running all around town, throwing money around like it's going out of style" I needed to call them.

You would think that if I was really irresponsible, I would not call back. Of course I did... see my point. For the next two hours I chose to concede on every point that was made. But the person calling was upset and wanted a fight. My passive approach was not appreciated and it drug on until finally I ended the call by saying "call me back when you think I've learned my lesson and you feel satisfied".

Now I'm tired and a little disconnected.  Nothing a little yoga or George Carlin can't help.

September 19, 2006

Wait No More

Seems like everyone has been doing a lot of waiting lately. Personally I have been waiting for several things. Most of which are right around the corner. While I'm not quite ready to count my chickens, there are some things that require no more waiting.

Bob Gentry

Last week I reminded everyone to vote for Bob Gentry and his band on NBC's Star Tomorrow. Well Bob's wait is OVER because thanks to everyone who voted, Bob Gentry won the round and moves on in the competition. Way to go Bob! Also a BIG thank you to everyone who voted!

Based on Experience Fans

Okay, this is a very small but highly sophisticated group. Episode 14 is up and Bobby and I keep turning out the shows despite our distance and schedules. I would like to say that we are ultra dedicated, but the truth is that there is nothing we enjoy more then getting together to talk about ourselves.

Avalanche Fans

The puck drops for the first preseason game of the year. I will be there tonight to get a first hand look at the team. Many unfamiliar faces. The Avs lost two of my favorite players this year. One was a very close personal friend. So, it will be strange to not see him in the line-up. BTW.... I will not be wearing Bobby's ridiculous hat.

Pirates Everywhere

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The day you've been waiting for. Arrrrr and shiver your timbers until your heart is content.

September 17, 2006

My Good Girl, Superman, Oktoberfest Catastrophe

Lots going on... possibly too much to blog about but I'll give it a try.

The first thing I should mention is that I may have a significant announcement coming about my employment or maybe better to say opportunity. I'm super excited about the prospect, just waiting for the details before saying anything officially. I can say that if all goes well I will get to be an ambassador of sorts for my city and I love the idea of that!

Up next, I wanted to let you guys know I have discovered a problem with Apparently, I can only post 100 links. I tried everything... even manually changing the code, but it just won't let me. If you happen to be one of my links that no longer shows up, I'm sorry. As soon as I get a chance I'm hard linking again. I think it's the only way to make sure everyone gets linked.

Friday I went to get my "good girl" waxed. That's what I'm calling it from now on thanks to Gray's Anatomy. I went to a new salon that offers more of a spa experience vs. the other which was a waxing studio. I was very pleased and will be writing about my spa experience later. There is one oddity though. The spa, does not have it's own bathroom. Weird I know. I always "go" right before my appointment. So when I asked where the restroom was, I was given a key and sent out the back door to an underpass parking area.

Here it is.


Basically, you can see the sink/hand washing area is in the entryway visible to anyone walking by. There is a doorway that leads to a private toilet and urinal that is decorated in truck stop contemporary. I'm not embarrassed by any means to have someone see me washing my hands. It does kind of ruin the experience. After thinking on it though... The services were SO good that I prefer to think of it as a strange quirk instead of a dreadful oversight.

I spent Saturday running all over the place. I woke up and was out of coffee... again. A drive-thru Starbucks is being built a few blocks from my house, thank goodness. But until then I have to go to another that is a bit further. When I pulled up to order I was told "Welcome to Starbucks, this is SUPERMAN, would you like to try a pumpkin latte? Sure enough, it was Superman or an intended likeness. Okay it was a guy wearing a cape. Still, made me think, thank gawd there are still people in this world who don't take themselves so seriously. This guy made me and probably another couple hundred people smile today. Thanks Superman.

BTW... if you listen to the podcast, that makes two super hero's I've seen this week.

Just across from the Starbucks was a Farmers Market. So I got my tired looking butt out of my car and strolled the stalls. I bought some loose tea; a chai and earl gray/lavender blend, a couple of gourmet doggy treats for the kids, and a fresh piece of apple strudel.


So after coffee, yoga, and a shower in that order... I met my cousin and his wife at the local Oktoberfest. It was very under attended. Which was good as far as beer lines, but bad as far as ambiance. On my "to-do" list, going to Oktoberfest in Munich ranks very high. So as we were sitting... an enormous gust of wind came up out of nowhere. I watched as this giant inflatable slide was blown over with several children on it. A small girl about 5 or 6 years old was at the top and everyone just watched in horror as her little body tumbled over the side as the slide tipped and she fell about 10-12 feet landing on the side of a bounce castle. Fortunately there were only bumps and bruises, no one was seriously hurt.


After Oktoberfesting we met up with some other friends and went out to dinner. I have to admit to being quite intoxicated. I am a lightweight. In total I only drank 2.5 pints of beer and 2 glasses of wine over a 5 hour period and as soon as I got home I climbed into bed and immediately passed out. No hangover though!

So that is more or less what has been keeping me from blogging. Now I'm off to create podcasting magic...

September 14, 2006

Vote for Bob Gentry - Round 2

Img_6507Hey guys, Bob Gentry is up for round 2 on NBC's StarTomorrow. I know I've mentioned what a great talent and super sweet guy Bob is... But I'll keep saying it.

Bob has come so far. Not just in his music but in his life. I hate that his success is based on the number of people who happen to vote for him. I feel bad for all of the talented artists who have to campaign for votes. As ridiculous as it is though, each win in each round can make such a huge difference to Bob.

So please go vote for Bob and then visit his blog and see why I like him so much.

Vote For Bob Gentry

September 11, 2006

James Brown Quickie

James_brownThis has to be a quick post. Today has been super busy.

I was able to do Hot Yoga this morning, which felt really good because it's been a while. Michelle the instructor said something that was kind of funny but also profound... She quoted James Brown saying you have to get up to get down... I was pretty sure he meant sex and not yoga... I could be wrong. I also thought that Bob Marley's Stir it Up was about sex... not smoking ganja. So, I could just have a one track mind.

I have a couple of things in the works right now, which is why I'm so busy. I haven't been able to respond to comments the way I like to, but I am keeping track for the I-pod so no worries. I am also very happy to see everyone who added themselves to my frappr map. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Tonight is Bunko, so I need to get in gear if I'm going to make it in time to be fashionably late. ;)

September 09, 2006

Diddle the Archives.

One of the first posts I did was about a strange card I got for my friend Dianna. After about a month I began getting Google hits for "You will not go to Omaha with Paco."

Turns out the Paco birthday card has a bit of a cult following and is even a "lucky" card to receive. Go ahead.. google "Paco will not beg" I triple dog dare you.

Well six months later, I have several blogger friends and I have to admit I don't read my friends blogs as often as I should. Because we e-mail and Skype each other it seems I rarely read entire posts, I only just skim the feed.

Not long ago, by accident, I discovered that one of my blogger friends had also done a post on the Paco card long before I started this blog. Great minds think alike obviously. So tonight I backtracked my way to his blog via our friend Paco and his infamous card.

I've just spent hours reading through his archives totally amazed. Mainly overwhelmed when I realized that he's been blogging for 3 years. In the 4th grade, my teacher wanted to impress upon the class the enormity of 1 million, so at the beginning of the year she assigned us to write out the numbers from 1-1 million. Nobody finished.

When you read a blog and you see the archive list nestled away on the sidebar, whether written wholly in truth, fiction, or somewhere in-between... it contains the history of it's author. It feels a little voyeuristic to read post after post, even if you know the person well.

In my case, I smiled... I smiled a lot. How fortunate I felt gathering breadcrumbs left for me. I thought about how lucky I was that this person wrote a blog.   

If you don't know me, you could choose to by simply reading what I have written. Will you know the "real me"? No, because that's not possible. But with blogs you do get to wander into another persons world, their thoughts, observations, and feelings.

Most people who blog seem to have a mutual respect for one and other. Primarily, I think, we respect each others right of expression. We take from each other what we like and leave the rest with very little contention.

It's a strange little community we have. From me to you... you to them... them to those... all around the world in moments. We connect and communicate in ways and with a speed greater then any civilization in history.

I've left the door wide open. Anyone, anywhere with a computer and internet connection can communicate with me. Rarely but occasionally it makes me uncomfortable, sometimes it's overwhelming, but mostly it's just ridiculously fun.

I know what causes....

writers block.


I've been unable to write anything meaningful or even interesting this past week. You know why? Because I have someone and something on my mind that I can't write about. Okay I could write about, but won't.

Everyone has their own rules or personal guidelines that they follow when they write a blog. I will talk about a lot of things, even very personal things, but the one personal thing I never talk about is my current romantic involvements. I will write about dates and dating, but when there is someone I really like... I keep tight lipped about it.

So I'm keeping my mouth shut and hoping that by at least admitting here that I'm completely infatuated right now, I will be able to move on and write about other things. If that doesn't work I'm going to force myself to write about random subjects until I get it together.

Draw your own...

September 08, 2006

I'm Giving Away An IPOD


Don't Forget... I'm still giving away this IPOD Nano

Continue reading "I'm Giving Away An IPOD" »

Hepburn Back In Black Gap Video

A friend e-mailed this to me. She knows I'm a big Hepburn fan and who doesn't like a little AC/DC in the morning. This is part of Gaps Keep it simple campaign launched by Laird+Partners.

Apparently Gap does not like free promotion. Another brilliant marketing decision I'm sure.

So for Hepburn fans... try this.

September 07, 2006

There OUGHT to be a Word...

For when you spend 90 minutes composing a well thought out post... and for no flarking reason... you go to post it and get some ridiculous error and lose the entire thing....

It only happens occasionally.... but there is no way I'm spending another 90 minutes of my life writing about peanut butter!


September 06, 2006


"Boston" - Augustana

Airports ain't nothing but places to cry.

Flight_1There is no place like home and I'm truly happy to be home today. Airports are lonely vacant spaces. Because I'm in such a good mood I won't go into details that will inevitably bring me down. Needless to say, I'm working quite hard to keep things in check and not get pulled back into the vagabond life I left behind. 

Airports and air travel in general creates an environment for deep thought. I already have a tendency to over think things. I'm doing it right now.

Hey look... It's raining in Sydney. 

September 05, 2006

Red Rocks Heaven & Hell

Inside Red Rocks park there is a semi-secret area called Heaven and Hell where my friends and I would hang out, drink, and sunbathe.



Hh3Located somewhat across from the bottom entrance to the amphitheater you walk up a narrow trail, scale some rocks, and enter an opening in the rocks. You do need to be careful around the rocks there are rattle snakes in the park and if I recall the area is off limits marked by no trespassing and trails closed signage.




The first room that you enter in the cave is covered in graffiti, broken glass and who knows what else, this is the hell portion of the cave, you continue walking and come to another “chamber” which is clean and cool this is the heaven portion of the cave. It has a skylight of sorts that you can climb out onto putting you on top of the rocks overlooking the Denver skyline.


-Hh2 This is where my friends and I went to sunbathe and party. I am 14 in these pictures. These are the only G rated pictures I have. Since it was usually just girls, we were almost always topless, because we didn’t want tan lines. And as far as I was concerned you weren’t missing much. It wasn’t until my 20’s that the booby fairy came to visit and she only made brief stops anyhow.

September 04, 2006

Screen Goddess Calendar & IE 7 Candidate

Yesterday I downloaded Windows Internet Explorer 7 Candidate. I've heard lots of numbers. I know most bloggers and blog readers are using Firefox... 72% of my readers to be exact. While the rest of the world searching the web still uses IE, 80+%.

Okay so, I'm married to Microsoft IE. I'm a loyal girl. Anyhow, the major difference is that IE 7 uses tabs within the window. A minor problem occurs when one page within your tab list has an error and needs to shut down, it will shut down all tabs within your list, whereas before, you could shut down a single page and you would not lose your other pages.

There is also a feed button that detects available feeds and allows you to subscribe within a couple of clicks. Also, a phishing detection option. Initially I had the detector on, but it seemed to me that it was slowing things down, so I turned it off. I suppose if I ever come across a questionable site, I can activate it. So far, So good.


I also came across the Screen Goddess IT Calendar. The woman on the cover is beautiful... although her facial expression looks like she is extremely uncomfortable.

I am leaving for the great state of Utah this afternoon. I will be posting. As much fun as it is to have spontaneous guest posting... and as much as I love my spontaneous guest posters... The fresh paint is still drying. ;)

September 03, 2006

Too much has already happened today day

Rainy_day_1September 3rd is the 246th day  of the year (except in a leap year when it is  247th). On this day a pope was made, a king was crowned, battles were fought, a war ended, a game was played, a viking landed, a tragedy ended, a chief justice died.

I think enough has happened on this day. Me, I'm doing nothing today in observence of too much has already happened today day.

September 02, 2006

OK GO! Free Form Blogging

I think I will employ a free form blogging style this next week. Meaning I'll just throw random thoughts or ideas up whenever I feel like it. I'm leaving for Utah on Monday for a consult. I've got a lot of things going on including an offer to purchase the name "hibelu". I'm afraid to say too much or talk about what's happening because nothing is really concrete right now... Better to wait until things are definate.


All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine

That worked for Spicoli, but won't do for me.

Since this last upset in the force, I find it difficult to focus on anything. I'm a little scattered. I think the blog reflects that. I have work but not really a job per se. I don't wake up with the same excitement I had earlier in the summer.

Like now for instance... I'm really not saying anything interesting or informative. The only thing I'm really passionate about right now is the podcast.

Oh yes... the podcast has seen a little numbers surge this past week. Which makes you feel good to know people are listening. It's more work then I initially imagined. The toughest thing is being upbeat all the time. It makes me appreciate how hard it is to produce daily broadcasts.

For now I'm just bleh.