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July 25, 2006

Time Saving Time Wasters - Things to do this Summer.

Looking at my calender for August, I see that I will be doing quite a lot of travel. It prompted me to make a summer to-do list so I don't find myself shoveling my steps in December thinking about the things I wished I would have done this summer.

It also gave me the idea for this post. So here is a list of sites to help you with your summer to-do lists.

  1. Take a trip. Short on funds and can't afford a high priced hotel. Register at for a cheap place to stay almost anywhere in the world.
  2. Learn to play the drums. Ever wanted to rock the drum-kit? This site will make all of your rock band dreams come true.
  3. Change your hairstyle. Here are some ideas. Better check here too.
  4. Make a difference. Educate yourself.
  5. Take some photos. Enter the Hey Hot Shot photo contest.
  6. See a Movie. About a psychotic homicidal panda bear.
  7. Build a bridge. Out of pennies.
  8. Learn the customs of another culture. By watching funny Japanese videos. I highly recommend Razer Ramon - Hard Gay.
  9. Sit back, relax, and watch time fly by.
  10. Fly a Flag

Also ... Remember to sign my guestbook!


Can I surf on your couch? Err wait. Do you have AC? I'll only surf if there's AC!

Does a Brazilian wax count as a change in hair style?

Nice ideas. Wish I had time to indulge.

That panda film is f--ed up! There are like secret messages in it that I don't think are good for my head... scary stuff.

Nude yoga. Brazilian wax. Couch surfing.
You trying to tell us something?

Those links are great. I've actually thought about stopping at the bank tomorrow to get some coin rolls to play with.


My couch is pretty unconfortable for sleeping on. If I were younger and not so wise... I might give that site a shot.


Jane Lake,

Yes I think it counts as the ultimate change.


Oh just one... did you try one? ;)



Yes it's twisted... about as twisted as you can get.



Nope... No hidden message.. Sorry ;)


Hard Gay is so funny! Hoooo!

Great suggestions for some summer fun.


Inside joke... watch Hard gay if you want in on it.

BlogMad hit.

nice ideas! i will have to try one on my lunch break...


You are far more disciplined then I. I see a link and I'm like a fly in a trap...


psycho panda bear rules in a demented sort of way. Good pick.


The first time I watched it I was just sitting in disbelief.


Yeah, there's shocking that is not really shocking but dumb and then there's things like this where you just have to stop and witness. A tortured soul put that together. I'm can't even say I really like it but it's unique. I give kudos to originality because this ones way out there.

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