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July 05, 2006


Patio_2I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I have to admit I had more then a good time. I spent the weekend with my friend Lisa, her husband, brother and a couple of his friends. We did a whole lot of nothing. Lounging about on the patio of Lisa's parents 8 bedroom mountain retreat. Pretty comfortable, I must say.

We got into a little trouble. On Monday we all went into town for dinner at a brewery. I don't say the name because I'm not entirely sure we paid all of our tab. Anyway, Lisa is newly pregnant so after eating she and her husband left early and her brother, his friends and I remained. I ran into some old friends who were locals They joined us and everything was copacetic at first. As the night wore on everyone got quite intoxicated. I am a serious lightweight, so anything past two beers is pushing my luck. Well inevitably when one girl is in the company of 6 men who have all been drinking.. and it should be noted that 1:6 is a really good ratio for a ski area even during a holiday weekend.. testosterone surges. One of my old acquaintances very loudly asked me what I was doing hanging around with a couple of gapers. Gapers = looky loos, tourists, tourons. So I guess boys will be boys and there was a small fist fight in the parking lot.

I was hysterical and laughing the entire time. If I hadn't stopped in to the powder room just before this happened, I would have peed myself. Why you say. Because just one day after I turned 32 I was feeling very old. That was until I watched grown men fighting to impress me. It was the best medicine I could have received. I know it sounds primal, but you had to be there. Nothing will make you feel young again like a parking lot brawl.

Lisa's brother and I walked away and once the others noticed I left they ended it. We took the shuttle back to Keystone. No one could drive and the shuttle didn't go back to Lisa's house so we decided to go to my condo for the night. Plus I'm pretty sure no one wanted to fess up to Lisa about what happened.

When we got back to my place, hunger set in for everyone. I had nothing to eat. I forgot my owners closet key. I could have called the night manager. But I knew him personally and did not want to involve him in my drunken evening. Plus at the time I didn't know the severity of the boy's crimes. Which turned out to be no big deal but I wasn't in any condition to evaluate the situation accurately.

Macgyver_1This my friends, is where I expect all reading to be very impressed with my skills. During my time as an investigator, I like all good detectives took pleasure in learning the fine art of picking locks. I am very proficient at it. And as luck would have it, I kept my kit in my car, because sometimes I think I am Macgyver. Despite my intoxication, I was able to pick the lock in just a few seconds. What would we find?

A 12 pack of raman noodles and case of very old Powerade. We left the Powerade alone and cooked the 12 packages of Raman.

The next day when we told Lisa what happened. She called us all idiots and was thoroughly unimpressed.

That kind of Cave Man behavior can't help but make a girl think she's still got it. ;)


I think I want to move to Colorado after hearing this story. Drunken brawls! Two beers! A ramen orgy! good times...

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