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July 01, 2006

Podcasting Zombie Announces Based On

Zombie_1 If podcasting catches on there will be a zombie problem in this world of ours. Doing a podcast was something I've been wanting to do, but in the future. Like next year future. I don't mean like next year 2007, I mean... always next year, as in... to infinity. But a turn of events has put me here today to say, "I Have a Podcast." It's called Based On Experience or Based Podcast if you like. While I have been coy, I have not really officially disclosed the fact that my co-host on the show is Bobby Bracelet of the MyTGOD blog.

How it all went down.

A couple of months ago I came across a blog titled Based on Experience. I commented on a post where the author (Bobby) recounts the night he almost had a three-way with two girls he lovingly dubbed Snaggletooth and Wart Tongue. I would refer you to the actual post, but it no longer exists. I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Girl_zombie_1Bobby responded to my comment and in turn commented here following proper blogger etiquette. We began e-mailing each other and we discovered that we crack ourselves up. I asked Bobby to guest post and as a result I am forever indebted to him for the 10 or so hits a day I receive for "Women are Retarded". Thanks Bobby!

At about that same time, Bobby was under scrutiny where he worked because a fellow coworker was offended by his blog, even though it was written under an alias and never mentioned his place of employment in any way. We had a couple of phone conversations and without giving it much thought I asked him if he would be interested in doing a podcast with me. He, to my surprise said sure.

So after only two weeks we have figured out how to make a podcast. Now we just need to learn how to make a podcast good. This first episode is bare bones, the sound is terrible, no music yet (but coming soon). But I'm proud of it. Even if I am sporting the zombie look bacause of it. Listen, subscribe, and visit our website.


Wow, I'm not usually into neck gashes, but that girl zombie is kinda turning me on.

I listened to the whole show. It’s good. You guys have chemistry and that’s a big part of the podcast thing. If you don’t have that, it’s hard to keep listeners. Podcasting is definitely a labor of love. The writing, editing and recording is all very time consuming. It can be draining too. But it is rewarding when people listen. Congratulations on your launch!

Listened to the podcast on my way into work this morning. Nice job although I'd suggest more you talking and less Bob. You are turning into quite the little queen of the blog-podcast sphere. Keep up the good work.

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