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July 26, 2006

Planning for the trades.

Learning lots these days. The apparel industry is gearing up for the Spring/Summer 07 trade shows in Las Vegas at the end of August.

This is a big deal for me. Over the next couple of weeks I will be contacting showrooms and reps to discuss products that I'm interested in carrying for the store. The decisions I make next month will make or break my business. Up until now I've been carefully dipping my toes in the water. This is the real deal.

Some of my regular readers have been keenly aware of the stress I've been going through over the last 3 weeks or so. I've been quite grateful for the e-mails and skype messages. Thank you very much. ;) I'm not sure if I've ever said, but I have quite a few skype pals I chat with during the day, which is nice and keeps me from feeling so isolated working from home.

The sorce of the stress, a big part of it has to do with a large amount of financing I have been working to secure. Anyone who has secured financing for a business knows what I mean. There is a lot of scrutiny. Of coarse, there should be, after all I'm borrowing your money so to say. There is a lot of risk involved. While I have some protections, there is also a lot of personal risk. It makes choosing between cocoa brown and mist green seem overwhelming and more difficult then it should be.

The good news; the worst part is over and now I can breathe a little easier. There will be little emergencies over the next couple of weeks until the papers are signed. But I'm feeling that enormous relief is on the horizon.

In other good news. I stepped on the scale this morning and I've lost 6 pounds. It turns out my diet of chocolate fudge poptarts, sushi, and mint chocolate chip ice cream is working wonders.

BTW, I wanted to mention that if you enjoy well written posts, stop over at Thaed's Mental Interface. His topics are always fresh and if you read a ton of blogs like I do, it's a nice change. Thaed is the host of the Friday Night Party Line podcast. He was kind enough to have me as a guest on a handful of the shows. He's working on a book right now so the podcast is on hold. I loved doing the shows and really miss it. Say hello for me while your there. :)

Have a Good Day Everybody. 


Why thank you!!! What a very nice thing to say (and link!). You're the best, Kelly. I'm glad to hear that you are turning the corner on your business stress. You are a gifted young lady and I have every faith that you will continue to be successful.

Could you post the exact diet plan?

Congrats on the 6 lbs! Maybe I should try that diet...

Glad you're not stressing too much anymore :).

By the way, if these annoying last few pounds left over from pregnancy would just disappear, I would have bought jeans from . your store months ago when I first perused your shop. I don't want to invest in a good pair until I (hopefully) succeed in losing that lil bit of weight left. Until then, only jeans that cost $15 or less at T.J. Maxx can tickle my fancy.


"gifted young lady"... hmph.. I know you have a Porsche. I'll not let you talk to me like that ;).


32oz. coffee
1 chocolate fudge poptart.

1/2 of remaining poptart.

sushi & bottled water

Other 1/2 of remaining poptart
More coffee

Bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

By my calculations that's about 1310 calories.. which I assume is why it works.


Kristina Q.

I am completely sold out of denim... but I will be selecting a new line for Spring.. possibly two.. plus I am working on a promotion to give a really fabulous discount to VIP members.

So there you go. :)


Gifted chick? Polymath gal? Magically delicious? How does one complement a female nine years one's junior nowadays? I'm out of touch! :)

Yep, getting ready for something big like this can send your head spinning. Every little detail is life and death because so many people will be watching and judging in some way. The time, the money...but you gotta admit it's one hell of a rush. You'll do fine. No worries.


9 years... So you were playing with a rubic cube in your college dorm and I was playing with mine at a girl scout meeting...

But young lady? I'm 32..

How about facinating woman? Insanely talented is also a great compliment.


Thanks Ricardo. It is fun. to got me there. ;).

Do you have any vendors that would work with on doing drop ship??? I am working with a large ecommerce site that is adding accessories for fall and they only do drop ship even with some of the really big names. I was very surprised how many vendors are ok with the drop ship and then you are not shelling out so much $$.-a

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