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July 04, 2006

My Favorite Cousin and July 4th Memories

Es_weddingBack when I was nine, I idolized my cousin Marlene (not her real name but close). Marlene was the coolest. She lived by the new mall and had lots of cool friends with names like Skipper and Noe. They had cable AND Atari. She played soccer and went to Jr. High school. I had numerous sleep overs at her house. I'm sure I drove her family nuts. Especially her older brother.

One of my favorite things to do at her house was sneak into her brothers room and go through his stuff. After all I grew up as an only child for the most part and I was under the notion that you were supposed to be a pain to an older brother. Once he had a shot glass filled with Cinnamon oil sitting on his desk. He used the oil for making cinnamon toothpicks... that he would never share with me or Marlene. I don't remember doing it, if it was an accident or not. But I was responsible for spilling the oil in his room. After he found out what I did, I truly thought that I was going to be killed.

I was so scared that I hid in the laundry room for hours. I had seen him and Marlene go at it before. It was vicious. Once I witnessed Marlene throw a butcher knife at him. I'm sure you are thinking that my cousins were trailer trash living down by the river, but actually this all happened in a very unassuming house in an upscale neighborhood. She missed, by the way.

Whenever I think of the 4th of July I remember a party at Marlene's house. My entire family was there, which is somewhere in the neighborhood 50-60 plus assorted neighbors and their kids. It was the sort of 4th of July where you just play all day long, taking occasional breaks to look at all of the fireworks that you've been told you can look at but not touch.

When the sky got dark, sparklers were distributed. Sparklers, after all, are foreplay for the real fireworks. Whoever had the punk, was in control of the show. This particular year I was inside the house and heard the first fireworks howling in the back yard. I went running out the back sliding glass door to see what I was missing and forgot to open the screen. I took out the screen and crashed down on top of it. The firework show was briefly interrupted by the Kelly show. The damage, other than to the broken screen, came in the form of hash-mark abrasions to my nose. A very embarrassing and telling badge of my enthusiasm.

Dates_weddingWhen Marlene turned 16 she went the way of all great older cousins. She got a car and I didn't see her much after that. Occasionally we would see each other at weddings like the one here. I am the blond in the white dress. I was about 20. I thought it also fair to include this photo of her brother Warren (also not his real name but close) from the same wedding. He turned out to be very cool and did not seem to hold ill will against me. He's the one with the tie around his head. So I think of Marlene and Warren every July Fourth.

Happy Fourth of July and watch out for those screen doors.


Yay, Kelly's back!

That's a nice 4th of July story and yet another picture where you look like a completely different person. Honestly, despite the many pictures you've posted of yourself, I feel like I only have a vague idea of what you look like. Ha ha.

Welcome back!

Thaed... That would be the magic of the typepad... This is the magic of my laptop... I am not really back and nevermind the silly man behind the curtain.


The great and Powerful OZ

Drinking under age...

Tsk-tsk Kelly.

I won't be admitting my golf score from today. How did you do?

cinnamon toothpicks! wow that was a major flash back. I loved being an only child! It's funny though how many times people give the ol' stereotype, "because you were spoiled". Far from it actually, but I loved it anyway.

That's a good story. It's a shame that we lose touch with our families when we grow up. It's not too late to reconnect or let them know that you remember them fondly.


You know what's really lame? I'm pretty sure I was drinking white zin. Blech. I did okay. I played the course I learned on so that helped. :)


Being raised an only child comes in handy when you really want to see a movie and have noone to go with. I have friends with sibs who never like to do anything alone.


Excellent advice, as always ;). I dropped her a card on Monday. ;)


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