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July 13, 2006

Lack of Sleep May Cause Death

At least I think you could die. I have only been getting between 4-6 hours of sleep for the past couple of weeks. Contrary to my belief that I am Super Girl (the heterosexual one... if you don't know why I qualify that.... you don't know and just forget I said that). I am not.

Last night I went to a CP2 yoga class. This is not yo mama's yoga class. It is a high intensity workout done in a heated room. The entire time I was achy and even felt faint during inversions. When I got home I puked my guts out. Seriously I think I lost a kidney. It was very bad. My temperature shot up to 105 at one point and I sat in a cold bath just to bring my temp down. This was followed by a very long night of sweaty, achy, God kill me now moments.

ExcorAt about 3AM I called my ex, who is and has been my physician for many years. He came by early this morning to check on me. I gave him the rundown on my sleeping habits and he basically told me I'm killing myself. He told me about fatal familial insomnia, which apparently can kill you. I wikied it this morning. I don't have it and clearly he just said this to prove his point that people have actually died from insomnia. In his defense I was not very lovely when he arrived and I'm sure he just wants me to slow things down. Which I do need to do.

He did tell me that any other physician would have tried to prescribe me anti-depression meds because that is usually the underlying cause of chronic insomnia. Instead he knows that I have a tendency to forget my own physical limitations. So the doctor has prescribed me Lunesta, you know the ad with the butterfly.. or is it the tooth fairy, maybe Tinkerbell anyway and I now have a 10PM curfew and must get 8 hours of sleep for the next 14 days. I still have the fever and he believes I have some common viral infection that should pass within the next day or so.

So after I finish up a few things on-line... I'm going back to bed. Sorry but I'm not even going to proof read this.


Hi stopped by via blog mad. I went through a similar situation a few years back when I was at job that I'm no longer at (much to the benefit of my health) and couldn't sleep much longer than 4 hours. myself. I had a really bad fever which lead to all sorts never ending colds and flu like stuff. It was awful. Definitely get sleep before it goes too far. I think the Lunesta drug has the butterfly in the ad or was it a tooth fairy?

Holy crap. okay... I am a chronic insomniac.. something which I often mention, and is confirmed by the timestamps attached to many of my entries. I think I need to change my sleeping habits because I don't want to die from fatal familial insomnia, jeez it doesn;t even sound like a real disease..

Hope you feel better soon! Let me know if the Lunesta actually helps, hehe. P.S. I tried to email you about the panty chain, but it kept getting sent back to me.

Sorry to hear about hear you aren't feeling well. Please be careful and dedicate at least 8 hours to sleep while you are taking the sleep aid. Do not try to force yourself to use less than 8 hours a night while on the meds.

Hope you feel better soon!

Gak, what's with the parallel lives thing again? We don't have anything called Lunesta in UK - what does it do?

I happen to know that chronic lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain (always does it to me), which is a sort of a good thing I guess because when my trousers start feeling tight it's like an alarm bell (ahah, pardon, no pun intended).

/comic nerd
It's Batwoman who is the lesbian, NOT Supergirl
/comic nerd

I think it's podcasting that's the cause of it. I too am an insomniac. Ambien has been my weapon of choice but only once a week. Ambien messes with my head. Benedryl also works. And alcohol and sex ;)

Don't let doctors tell you what to do.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I have gotten some sleep and I'm in great hands.


Your ex is your physician? Is that a good idea?

BTW, I'm working on getting some sleep myself (ignore the time of this post :)

Hey Nichelle,

You are not the first to bring this up. :)

He has the best conflict of interest there is.. Me ;)

No one will look out for my interests better then him.


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