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July 10, 2006

It's a total copout... but here's what's in my shower

Podcasting is like blogging on speed with a lit firecracker under your ass.

Episode 2 of Based on Experience is up. I am happy to say that it includes a SWEET intro done by Marlon Gibbons and the sound is WAY improved. Which is impressive because a portion of it is recorded over a cell phone in a busy Las Vegas casino. Please have a listen. Marlon's intro is worth hearing all by itself.

I am exhausted an hope you don't mind the cop-out. Maybe you've seen the popular meme... What's in my bag?... Well this is...

What's in my shower?



If I had anything to talk about I'd do a podcast. Unfortunately, if I did do one, all I'd have to talk about would be baby formula, diapers, and take-out Thai food

I'd suggest that you remove the razors from the cardboard packing as they tend to work much better that way.

Glad to see that I am not the only one who squeegees their shower-- it makes me feel less anal-retentive.

Hey theres an audience for everyone, but I must admit I turns you into a bit of a vampire up late editing. Hey your already up late... I say go for it.

If you have a glass door in your shower you need a squeegee... And guys don't use bar soap... it's a major cause of soap scum in the shower.


Liking the podcasts. You've got great chemistry and a good "radio" voice. I'm totally ignorant about the podcasting thing. What do you use for software/hardware? You can e-mail me if you want. Thanks.

What??! No shirtless neighbor in your shower?

I love posts like this. I hope you do more of them.

Okay, the Bumble & Bumble Conditioner...did u order it online? and does it smell like coconut?

I like the Origins Mint Wash. It's especially nice in the summertime.


Thanks so much, glad you like it! Podcasts are infectious. Once you start listening, you can't stop. We hope.

Bobby is awesome and we have killer chemistry, which is remarkable since we met through blogging in March and have never met in person.

We use Hotrecorder and Skype and I edit using Audacity, tho I'm sure we will need to get a mixer/compressor set up soon.


Holy Cow! He's married and that would be BAD.

In truth I have like 8 bottles of various B&B; product. I rotate through them. the Coco is a great coconut, not really fake smelling. I buy everything from my stylist! She Rocks and I'm super loyal to her beacuse my hair was crap before I went to see her. I think she gets a commission so I have felt guilty when I buy it anywhere else then from her.


Listened to the podcast and it's come a long way in one week. Sounds great. Thanks for what I think was the Maui / Bobby or me comment (and ok, as long as my wife can come). Tell Bobby I agree with him in that American Idol contestants trying to cover originals usually butcher them. As for Rock Star Supernova I am not convinced it's 100% rigged, but I'd by 80%. Regardless, I do love watching it. Keep up the great podcasting.

The squeegee says all. It's one of my favorite words. You should try Oil of Olay Shower rinse moisurizer stuff. That's one of the bazillion products in my shower. I'm always trying new stuff but its my favorite.

Hey, your podcast convo about Rock Star Supernova inspired me to blog about it and in doing so plug Based On Experience. So now that your podcast's been blogged about I guess this might mean you guys are on your way to fame and fortune. If so, remember the little people.


I might as well spill here.

MY opinion is that Toby will win.. Jenny is going to be the most taleneted in the bunch, and Lucas will be the Marty of this show.

Now I will run over and see what you have to say.


Maritza, I will try anything you recommend :)


K, while I agree that Jenny has talent and that Toby has a decent shot at winning I am not ready to select who will win quite yet. But after tonight's show I will make my prediction on who will win.

In the meantime my thoughts are Dilana and Lukas will go far but not win, Zayra will be in the bottom three this week and I predict will get booted. While Magni has some rock star chops I get the feeling that his vibe and the band's don't mesh and I expect to see him gone in the next couple of weeks.

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