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July 14, 2006

I'm Hawesome I Guess

Last night Bobby and I recorded the next installment of Based On. After recording there were some technical difficulties and we believed that I lost the entire recording.... meaning no show.

I recovered it from the depths of my computer all by myself with no help from anyone. (Having a proud moment) I have come a long way with this computer thingy.

Anyway, Bobby congratulated me by sending me this video his friend did up. I didn't find it funny until after the first 90 seconds or so... then I couldn't not laugh. Maybe someone can explain why this is funny to me... it takes a second to load, so wait for it.


It's funny cause it's Hawesome.

Can't really explain but being stuck in the north east I have noticed once you pass CT people tend to say the word "awesome" that way. They say many words in annoying ways adding letters that aren't there like an "er" at the end of pizza or using the word "wicked" too much. So I'm reminded of that. Also he really had a lot of conviction going on and that's pretty "hawesome" too.

BTW I added you to my links on my blog if that's okay.

New lurker here. I can see why you think that's funny. I, too, see the light from a slightly different refraction. Thanks for sharing that.

I can't explain why you found it funny. I can't explain why I found it funny after 90 seconds either. But sometimes, taking an idea to it's extremes (Mr. Hawsome and his ruined life) is chucklesome. I kept on looking at the traffic behind him because I don't think he was paying attention to the road.

It was a bit spooky because he looks very much like me - I don't do photos (as you may gather) or even mirrors. I may take a still from the video and use it as me.

It's Hawesome! You're Hawesome! I know.

I have to admit to making up words all of the time. Like cranktankerous. Thanks for linking me.. I've enjoyed reading you for a long time and added you to my links as well.


Thanks for stopping in. But you don't qualify as a lurker once you leave a comment. Sorry no more lurking... you will just have to hang out here with everyone else, leaving comments regularly.

Really? Hmmm. Interesting to know. ;)


Thank you! Craktankerous is a good one. I could see myself using that one. I got to get into this making up words thing.

Hey Ricardo,

I did actually add cranktankerous to the urban dictionary.

Just to be more legit.. :)


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