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July 15, 2006

Feeling Better, Podcast Up

Thanks for the e-mails and comments over the last couple of days. I am feeling much better. I'm not sure at this point if I am going to attempt a New York trip I have planned for next week. I think I'll wait out the weekend to see how I feel. I've been taking it easy and have not gotten much done over the last 3 days so that may factor in to my decision to leave my business for another 3 days.

I'm glad to say I did get Episode 3 up tonight. The show is really beginning to deliver on it's title... Based on Experience. Some fun topics but we also get into some more serious subjects during this show. For those who have been listening to the shows, thanks so much. It's such a time consuming thing and seeing the number of downloads, knowing people are listening means a lot and keeps us going. If you haven't heard the show yet, give it a try. We have fun doing it and hope you will enjoy listening.

Have a Great Weekend!


have a great weekend too! first visit to your blog.. it's awesome!

If you do make it to NYC, drop me a line!

After hearing the 3rd podcast, as I drove through the city today, (Boston) I remembered to wear my seatbelt after hearing the tragedy that happened to bobby's friend. Ya'll need to try Teamspeak or Ventrillo. Much more reliable sound quality and connection. Just a thought.

Thanks for stopping by. :) Like your Hot Pieces of Ass Crew.

Trips Off. :(

This morning at the gym I looked around to see if I could catch some guy off guard. No luck just women working out today. But seriously.. You should always wear your seatbelt. As for your recommendation. I'll get Bobby right on it. I don't think he's doing anything else today. Thanks for listening to the show. Always good to know one person is listening. ;)


or I could just keep my head forward and my seat in the upright position. (That might get me more attention that I probably would want..) ;)


I think that could mean several things. You may need to clarify. ;)


Gave them a listen, good times. In regards to the 3rd episode, the picture of you looks great don't change it.

On kids - don't want them either and I get heat for it but I'm not the dad type.

sex stories by Bobby - Too funny and I feel his pain as every man runs the risk of injury in the throws of passion.

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