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July 27, 2006

Do your homework.

I know some of my readers felt I was really exposing myself when I talked about my first Brazilian wax. I felt no hesitation in discussing it, honestly. However what I'm about to discuss I feel exposes me far more then being spread eagle, doused with hot wax and having hairs ripped from the most delicate regions of my body.

Here's how it went down.

Today has been chaos. I have been on the phone all morning, once again putting out small fires and gaining little ground. Without going into details, I received a major chargeback today. Once again, someone made a purchase from the website and decided to report the charge as unauthorized. It certainly irritates me and makes a mess of my account. Ultimately this person is going to be responsible for the charges, but it's created problems for me.

Anyhow, Bobby and I recorded the next episode this afternoon and afterwords I thought I would make some quick calls and make some additional appointments for the trades. I know better then to get on the phone when I am frazzled.

Raw_7So, Raw-7.

Raw-7 sweaters are made of the most luxurious, buttery soft, cashmere I've ever slid across my naked body. The amazing feel is only outdone by the rich colors and impressive designs which they are known for. They are also an expensive item with a high price point. The reason; consider that in order to produce one sweater it takes the yarn produced from 3-4 goats that can only be sheered once a year. Also, applying prints, especially detailed and multicolor prints, to these sweaters is a tricky matter and not easily or widely done.

So back to today. I'm calling Raw-7 to set up an appointment to discuss carrying the line at hibelu. So I get redirected and transfered several times. I'm distracted during the process. I've got e-mails coming in and I see one is from a musician who's agreed to provide some music for the show.

So I am connected with Ofer. I ask to speak to a rep and he tells me that he does everything. Do you think I just say okay and move along? No people, I just spent 90 minutes with Bobby doing a show where my role is to be a smartass. I'm still in cheeky, smartass mode. I respond something like, "well I'm sure I could debate that point with you, but I won't." Then I continue by asking to have an appointment. It's not until I'm halfway through the call I realize I'm speaking to Ofer Ashkenazy the designer.


For the record, he was very tolerant of my ignorance as I'm sure he came to the conclusion far earlier in the conversation that I was unaware of whom I was speaking to.  And by tolerant I mean he was extremely courteous and never gave the impression of annoyance. Kids, if you are going to carry a product you really need to remember the name of the designer before you end up on the phone with him. This is all I'm saying.

This experience to me is far worse then the wax.   


Ouch!!! I've done that by hitting reply to all with email at work with a wise ass remark meant for only one person. I've also done it on the phone when I felt that it was on mute. Embarrassing I tell you!!! But be glad that you were able to recover and press on with the mission. I hope you both were able to have a good laugh about it.

.. I am truly in awe of you after all you've been able to do with hibelu :) When you get those in let me know! I'd like to splurge on one.

Thanks guys.. Kristina I own a couple plus some pants... oooh totally worth it.


Live and Learn I guess. :) Good person to do business with if he doesn't disregard you after a mistake of identity. :)

First off, those readers that gave you grief for posting about your Brazilian wax (which you did in a most tasteful way) are just being either uptight or overly concerned for your cyber virtue. Your bit on waxing is nothing compared to what I hear teenage girls discussing on my bus commute into work each day.

On the phone "error" I feel your pain but it looks like it worked out ok. We all do things we regret and I guess just trying to not make the same mistake twice is the best we can hope for. Anyway, looks like you nicely survived your moment of "oh f**k, what have I done?" Good luck on the store!

I know you feel like a complete jackass, but in the grand scheme of things it was just a goofy misunderstanding. In the end you were still interested in Olaf's shit. You recovered, you'll probably never meet the guy, and he'll have forgotten about it by now anyways.

If things like that didn't ever happen you'd start thinking too highly of yourself and then you'd get all cocky and think you were too good for all of us and then you'd start carrying only ridiculous high brow shit in your store and nobody would buy it because it was retarded looking and you wouldn't change because we just don't understand what real style is and your business would suffer and people would think you were weird and then you'd become a recluse and posting would slow down and nobody could get ahold of you and then the cats, yes the cats, you'd slowly but surely become crazy cat lady who never left the house and your shirtless neighbor would create a blog and sneak pictures of his crazy recluse cat lady neighbor and post them on his site with snarky remarks and it would become an instant hit on the internet and he'd be raking in the dough and buying more beemers and you'd just buy more cats and get more crazy eventually becoming one of those crazy pack rat people who doesn't throw out anything and as the garbage and newspapers and cat stuff piled up and started to fill every room in the house but for a small walkway that winded thru the house people in the neighborhood would start getting sick of the smell and the site of your now deteriorating home in their neighborhood and they'd somehow figure out a way to oust you and they'd all put money together to buy your house and raze it, rebuilding a new home in its place and selling it to some hot young lady named Jenny who owns her own online clothing store and a few dogs, which would be a little weird if you think about it, but would restore their little community back to normal.

Glenn & Charles Thanks...
I'm feeling better about it the day after. I just hate being caught unprepared.

:) Thanks
Now I'm going to change my jeans, because I've laughed so hard I've peed myself.

What if he reads your blog? *Insert Gasp here* lol

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