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July 16, 2006 is about to make my life easier.

I've been wondering what to do with my messy unorganized links for some time now. I noticed someone entering AYCO through a link via tonight. I had heard of but I'm slow to sign up for services like this. I think technocrati offers something similar. But also, I hate installing new things on my toolbar. If it wasn't for my 20" monitor, I doubt I would be able to get away with the 6 bars I'm working with now.

Anyway, typepad has some quick install options for and I think what I want to do is add a tagroll and a linkroll. This will make it so much easier to add and manage links. As it is now I am constantly behind trying to keep everything updated. If you are a del.ic.ious user and have any advice I'd love to hear it. I'll be setting the new links up over the next couple of days. It will be a little work up front, but should be a big time saver in the future.


I don't like the blogroll at all. It seems to just work on Javascript which means the links don't register in search engines and other link finding services.

Delicious is teh awesome. I've been using it for a long time and it has survived the purge of internet crap that I periodically undertake. The question is: are you still using fortuitious? :)

I registered with Delicious but have no idea how to use it. That's on my to do list too!

Hey Cool,
I see how that might be bad for things like technorati, I guess I'd just like to make it easier for readers to find the good links.

I am, I recently got assigned someone named tommy something... was thinking it was your friend... but no response yet.

Mrs. M,

Hey there! Hopefully I get it up and going soon and you can have a look. I'll let you know how I like it.

Sad I'm not going to NYC... :(

Sounds like fun.


I use to back up all my bookmarks. I don't keep their toolbar plugin on my computer, because I use keyboard commands to go back and forth, reload, and stop, and such, I only keep the address bar and menu bar showing on my browser, and since it is Firefox, that all is one line. I value more the space to view pages than all these toolbars.

Plus, after changing my laptop from windows to linux, it was nice to be able to readd my bookmarks.

Hmmm. If that's the best that delicious can do then I think there's a gap in the market. I thought the bookmark site was too crowded to think about.

By the way, I furled your Based On Experience Podcast just as a personal bookmark. Interesting to see it has had more views than any other item. Shows that people are searching for Podcasts to listen to.

Sorry Dave.. I think it's the wave of the future. If I get any time I'm planning on blogging about why I think this is the way to go for AYCO.

Glad people are downloading the podcast. Thanks for the promotion.


I don't use for my blogroll (I use my bloglines feed.. and I'm updating the blogHer blogroll parts of that feed right now.. that's why I'm here)..

I do use it for keeping links for myself. I should use it on my blog, too.

Really nice things:

You can bundle tags to make searching easier (tag all the recipes you find as recipes and search on that..);

You can see if other people have tagged the same page, then go and visit their page to see what they've found that you haven't yet.

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