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July 11, 2006

Chain Letter Panties

Honey_dewsTonight during my bunko group I was asked to essentially save the date for a panty chain letter that I should be receiving in the mail.

Basically if you've never been in a panty chain, it's about the coolest thing ever. Unlike a regular chain letter it's actually awesome to be invited into the chain. Basically you will have to purchase one panty that you send and you will receive 36 pairs of panties in the mail. I've done this twice before and everyone really goes all out. I got panties from all over the world in rainbows of colors. I got super soft seamless basics, some seriously wild Brazilian silk side ties and even a black cashmere bikini panty.

I don't know what the consequences are of failing to respond to a panty chain letter. I can only imagine.


Can guys join?

I wish I was part of a panty chain letter, hehe

MMMmmm panties! ;)

If you cross this with your anime post, you get Najica Blitz Tactics.

RJ.. Sorry no.. unless you have the reassignment done. ;)

If you want in, e-mail me your mailing info.

MMMMMmm? 321 let's jam + anime. alrighty then.


I had a deal like that once, but it was with dead hampsters instead of panties. I never really got into it for some reason.

Cashmere is the best!

nice panties, WOO - HOO !!!

So Then..

Dead Hamsters NO
Cashmere YES

Got it.


lol, never heard of a panty chain letter awesome.....I want panties from all over the awesome!

Wats are the rules and instructions

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