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July 21, 2006

Be My Guest

This week I've been reading several blogs and it occurred to me that there are quite a few I read on a regular basis but never comment on. The main reason I never comment has mostly to do with the fact that I have nothing intelligent to say. Occasionally I will leave a comment that says something like, "Hey just wanted to say hello, love your blog."

Anyhow, I just added a guestbook to AYCO. It's on the top left sidebar. Please take a moment to say hello and sign the book. Especially if you are someone who has read this blog, but like me, has never had any reason to comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Also don't forget to leave your link.


I got here through a circuitous route, but I'm glad I'm here!

Wow, miss a week and you miss a lot! So let me see if I've got this straight -- you were sick, got better, put up podcast #3, worked your links, got delayed by oxygen suckers & had to hear about virginal stitches (owie), listed what you like to do (or would consider doing?) naked, had (are having?) an ethical quandary, and put up a guest book. You've been busy. All I did last week was consume beer, work on a sunburn, play guitar, throw a Frisbee and float around in a lake in eastern Canada.

Hey just wanted to say hello, love your blog.

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

Sounds awesome! Want to trade?

(rolls eyes).


Hehe...Hey, just wanted to say I love your blog.

Actually, I feel bad because I haven't been commenting much of anywhere lately. Or writing much of anything lately, for that matter. But I'm still reading. Just a complete lack of anything intelligent to say. *grin*

Just started surfing on Blog Soldiers. Love the variety you have on your blog. Attractive and well written.

I visit here often, but yeah I'm guilty of not commenting too often myself these days .. thought I'd change that ... :)


Guys I have to admit, I am loving the guest book. I had no idea outside of those who had commented in the past who was reading, so it's been cool to see new faces all day long.

Really awesome!


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