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May 30, 2007


Wordless Wednesday #13 - Stop and Smell the Yoga


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May 29, 2007

Gaiam Ashtanga Videos - A Review

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Gaiam Ashtanga Videos - A set of two Ashtanga videos by Gaiam staring acclaimed yoga instructor Nicki Doane.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about two years now. One of the most difficult things for me has been making it to the studio. Life’s been just a little bit crazy and even though I know how much better I feel after Yoga, I’ve still procrastinated. So I lucked out with the opportunity to review this product.

This is a two disk set that includes Introductory Poses (85 minutes) and Beginners Workout (100 minutes). This set is geared to the beginner and I had to remind myself to check my ego and approach this as a beginner would.

I started with the Introductory Poses disk. The disk covers the basics of Vinyasa poses, including sun salutations and instructs the fundamentals of Ujjayi Breathing.

I thought the poses were explained thoroughly by instructor Nicki Doane. She really emphasized the importance of using your breath as you move through salutations. I remembered that this seemed distracting at first but as I’ve grown through my practice I can attest that this is vital stuff.

I enjoyed the second disk better. The beginner’s workout has a reasonable pace and takes you though some of the most common poses in the practice. Beginners will find it challenging and exhilarating.

Overall I think this is a very good choice for the beginner or someone who would like to try yoga in the privacy of their home before joining a class. The beginner workout is a good disk to have on hand if you are someone like me who maybe is not making it to the studio as much as you ought to be.

My only criticism is that not enough modifications are offered or explained. One of the best things about yoga is that everyone can do it. You do not have to be super flexible. All poses have a modification or optional pose of some sort. But a big rule of yoga is to listen to your body and if you follow that, you will be great!, Inc

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May 27, 2007

Busy Bees.

Was it me or was last week just totally disappointing across the board. Not just the stuff that happened with me, but some of my friends had a rough one as well. Just a lot of bad news, health issues and concerns for people I care about. Thank you to those who wrote to me last week. I'm always amazed at how some of the nicest people are also people I've never met. 

I have some projects that I must finish this week if I'm going on a camping/rafting trip next weekend. I feel like I might be in trouble because I failed to connect with my publisher... again. There are a bunch of events I need to attend next week, plus meetings. I'm not complaining. I like being busy. My clients are all busy too, everyone seems to be productive right now.

There is a possibility I'll be taking a little trip. It really depends on if I get those darn projects done.

More Later.

May 25, 2007

Ya'll my homies an we gon' kick it.

This is for someone who made me laugh this week when I didn't feel like laughing. He's probably seen it. But it's pretty funny.

Life is short

Sunrise_2 "The dawn is not distant, nor is the night starless; love is eternal."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I went to the funeral services this morning. I was not planning on going today. It was a sunrise service at 5AM in the foothills. It was freezing. The gas station coffee I grabbed on the way up tasted so foul, but made a good hand warmer.

It was hard to be "present" during the services. I was so cold. I'm going on a rafting trip next weekend and I started thinking about how not to be cold on the trip. I made a little list in my head of things I should buy and I considered whether I should stop at REI on the way home, wondering what time they opened. 

I was listening to the pastor speak and he talked about beginnings not endings. A little over a year ago my former coach and friend Jana died. Her death was the catalyst that changed my life. When she died it forced me to remember who I was and reflect on my life. After I gave up racing I stopped being me. I put away my skis and my ambition and decided to settle down. I think I was afraid. When Jana died, I was filled with new life.

It's not been easy. I have made difficult and unpopular choices. I've angered and upset people. As unstable as the ground may be, I believe I've made it back to path I should be on. And because of one very special and wonderful reason I wonder if maybe the little detour wasn't a detour at all.

On the drive back home. I got some good coffee this time and decided that there's been enough bad stuff this week. I'm switching gears.

May 23, 2007

Today was not good.

I let go of the relationship I had with my mother over a year ago. Things were hard on her when I was growing up. Our family had more then it's fair share of tragedies. She personally suffered loss after loss. I don't know if she just was incapable or if she just didn't know how to mother. It's not like she didn't have a good example because my grandmother is the best. She just never loved me I don't think.

Please, no violins. I hate being pittied. I grew up with that too. I have always carried hope with me and it's made me strong. It's the reason I am able to accomplish things that should be outside of my reach. Because I don't know how to not try. I believe in possibilities, I believe in people, and I do believe in myself.

But there are some days, like today, that make me wish I had a Mom.

Not Entirely Wordless Wednesday #11


May 21, 2007

Technorati You Are A Big, Fat, LOSER.

Loser20geek20smallJust when everyone is having a good time and getting along. Someone has to come along and ruin the buzz. That is what Technorati has just done. I noticed my "authority" freeze up even though I was aware of fresh back links.

This link and this one explains it better than I. But what I suspect it boils down to is corporate hate for net neutrality and this is how they intend to deal with it. Conspiracy theory maybe, but consider that Technorati rank is factored heavily into web page strength. The only people benefiting from Technorati's changes are mass media and large corporate websites.

Rules are generally changed when someone is not getting what they want.

Believe it.

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Give That Girl A Dolphin!

Azaria_sage This little cutie is Azaria Sage. She is four years old. Not long after her birth she began having seizures and her parents were told that she was missing a part of her brain. The doctor's say she might live to be 10 years old. But they don't know.

I got a link to from TJ, a person that I just met last week in an online in a chat group that I belong to. After reading about Azaria I felt compelled to share her story with you.

From the website:

We were told that our baby has Aicardi Syndrome. Aicardi Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder (only 300-500 cases known worldwide). It is a genetic disorder but it is not hereditary. Each case is new and is considered a "spontaneous mutation". Aicardi Syndrome only affects girls and the three main identifiers are the absence of the corpus callosum, daily intractable seizures, and retinal lacunae (lesions) that are specific to the syndrome. Also, spinal abnormalities, developmental delays, microcephaly, and other brain abnormalities are some other affects of Aicardi Syndrome. The prognosis and life expectancy is grim, but varies with each case. Medical management of seizures and early intervention with various therapies is generally the treatment. As for Azaria's prognosis, we were told she may only live to be a year, ten years at the most. Doctors said she will never walk or talk, and may be blind. (She is considered legally blind).

It wasn't until after I started writing this post that I realized TJ is Azaria's dad. I usually can keep my composure when I hear about things like this. I turn into Florence Nightingale and go into "let's help" mode. But the connection being closer then just a URL left me in tears.

So what can be done for Azaria? Sadly there is no cure. However there are therapies and medications that have significantly decreased the seizures. Most of which are not covered by insurance. No surprise there. The family is fundraising to send Azaria to Dolphin Assisted Therapy this summer. You can read more about the therapy on Azaria's site. I noticed the deadline is June 18th and they are barely 1/3 of the way to reaching that goal.

I'm just really grateful that I have good health, a nice home, family & friends, work I enjoy, a nice computer and a speedy connection. I have all these things that I take for granted. Especially time. That, for Azaria, remains to be seen.

I look at this and I see a little girl who probably won't be with us very long. I see her parents doing everything they can do to make her comfortable. Good people. It makes me sad... and angry that this is the way that it is. I imagine TJ and his wife don't have the luxury of being angry or sad. I suppose it's all they can do to just accept and move through each day as it comes.

So if it's within your ability, could you please help get Azaria a dolphin. I don't know if the therapy will help her condition, but I'd really like for her to have the experience. Please help me to do that for her.

Also, if you have a website or blog and can spread the word that would be nice too.

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