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July 06, 2007

Get Hot & Naked - Live Longer

GreecenudeLiving in a warmer climate actually helps you conserve energy. It's one of the main reasons that Italians and Greeks live longer then northern Europeans. Obviously a low fat Mediterranean diet consisting of fruits & vegetables, seafood, olive oil and red wine is a major factor. However, another less obvious contributer is the warm climate.

When outside temperatures drop the body was to work harder to maintain 98.6 degrees.  During colder seasons our bodies begin to hibernate. We instinctively begin to eat fattier and carbohydrate heavy foods. A reduction in sunlight hours during winter months also affects our hormonal system and can affect the immune system, appetite and blood pressure. Nude sunbathing in particular has shown to decrease blood pressure.

Research suggests that solar exposure triggers the body's synthesis of Vitamin D, vital for (among other things) calcium absorption and a strong immune system. In sunlight, serotonin levels rise making you feel good and decreasing your appetite for sweets. When your mood is negative, your body releases a harmful stress hormones called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for making you age faster and weakens the immune system.

In short during cold temperatures our bodies release more stress hormones, accelerating metabolism. At the same time you require more energy to maintain a constant body temperature. In warm temperatures, energy use decreases and production of stress hormones decrease allowing the body to save energy. In warm temperatures, high blood pressure drops and pressure is taken off the circulatory system.

So the Doctor knew what he was doing when he sent your sweet auntie Erma to Florida for the winter. But did you know that she was nude sunbathing?

Notes: The Joy of Laziness, Peter Axt, Ph. D., and Michaela Axt-Gadermann, M.D. Hunter House Publishers. www.hunterhouse.com


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So, who was the lucky gal or guy that got the Zune?

Love the new look!

I agree about the warmer climate, but at what temp does the warm weather become detrimental? The new look is great!

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