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Yoga Classes: What To Expect

by matth02
One popular type of fitness routines today is yoga. Although it is the current rage, it is certainly not new. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of fitness. People who practice yoga generally attend classes and work with yoga instructors to perfect their mental and physical skills. Let's take a look at what yoga class entails.

Yoga has been in the world for over 8000 years. But recently it has gained momentum as a choice fitness program. There are several different types of yoga to choose from; Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Bekram Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. It is a good idea to observe some of these classes to determine which yoga is right for you. Once you make your choice, you can attend classes at fitness centers or the YMCA. You can join a group session or participate in a private session.

Classes are usually sixty to ninety minutes long. The beginning of the class will consist of relaxation, breathing and warm-up stretches. This may also include some chanting, such as 'OMS' to help relax your body. Then there will be a series of asanas, or poses. The teacher will walk around, watch your movements and offer advice on how to improve your form. The end of the class will be a total relaxation period, which will help calm the body and clear the mind.

To be prepared for your yoga class, you should wear shorts, a t-shirt or tank top. They should be loose or tighter fitted, but not restrictive of movements. Yoga is usually done barefoot. You might want to bring a yoga mat, especially if there are wood floors. Most people prefer sticky mats for their sturdiness. Many yoga classes have mats for rent. Just keep in mind; you will get sweaty during a class and so will the people who have used the mat before you. If you are going to stick with this exercise, most people prefer to buy their own mats. Also, bring water to hydrate yourself after class. And remember do not eat one to two hours before the class.

You will be expected to work at your own ability level. If you need a rest during the workout, you can always resort to the child's pose. You can continue when you feel you are able, as each individual sets his or her own speed. In your class, everyone will function at his or her own stage; you shouldn't be concerned others are more advanced. This will only hinder your concentration and rob you of any benefits you may experience.

Yoga is an exercise, which is easy to learn and requires no equipment outside of a yoga mat. It will produce a more relaxed you, and you can expect to feel good after it is over. You may feel inadequate as you start but with practice you will be able to master the yoga poses. So if you want a feel good, get fit, self-awareness exercise program, it may be just an 'OM' away.

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