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December 30, 2006

Waxing Sticks

Long night. Cookie is sick. I think it's her new food. She woke me up 4 times last night to either be let out or to fill her water dish. I swear she speaks to me telepathically. She just sits next to the bed and stares at me and I wake up.

I spent the better part of yesterday contemplating the blog. I have the urge to go a little more minimal. I dropped several of my affiliates. I kept because quite a few of you are using it. I use it myself. Of course I consider myself lucky to be part of the Glam network, those girls are doing a fantastic job. I was surprised that a lot of people use Rojo. I did not even know that Rojo existed or what it was.

I will be babysitting on NYE. Monday I'm going up to the condo and I'll finally get some skiing in. I waxed my skis this morning. Pella, a friend from Spain sent me a block of molybdenum wax. There's an underground network of old school racers that have hoarded older hard to find fluorocarbonated waxes. I may or may not have some stashed. But this is supposed to be better then some of the graphites I used back in the day.

So I put on a layer of a fluoro on and topped it off with the new stuff. I should get thoroughly outrun by my skis and cause serious bodily injury. There is no reason in the world for me to be using this type of product anymore. It's like giving a bazooka to a four year old. It just felt good to be doing something familiar again. There is something very therapeutic about scraping wax. Except the part about inhaling wax fumes. I know I've lost about 100% of you at this point. You'll all just have to trust me.   

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Mmmm. I almost forgot about the smell of ski wax.


I'm still finding bits of wax everywhere.


I hope you have a safe time and a good New Year celebration.

I wished we lived closer. Then, in a week or so, I could sign your cast :)

I, for one, am in favor of your new "more minimal" approach.

You feel about waxing you skis the same way I feel around bicycles. Even the smell of the bearing grease is great.

Have fun on the slopes.

I'm the king of minimal. It's good. But you've always had a beautiful site. I'm sure whatever you do, it will look awesome.

Happy New Year!

Minimal/Maximal, it's all good as it's your blog. Hell if you decide to stop altogether that's fine too. We will miss you of course, but it's all about you. It has to be otherwise it isn't real or compelling any more.

Heh, the old wax. Kind of like the old carcinogenic stain remover that my grandmother had hoarded from when my grandfather was in the cleaning business. It works so much better than the new stuff and besides she's 89 and says she has other things to worry about rather than the carcinogens.

Happy New Year!

Thanks Gobs..

And Gee Thanks Fab???? ;)


Things are looking better already. That's a complex statement.

Thank you sir, have a great holiday!


We all have to die of something ;)


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