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April 26, 2006

How to be a Digital Movie Director

Movie_marker Last night I found this site called DFILM. It has a digital movie maker. You can make little animated shorts and send them. I toyed around with it and sent a couple. This site will keep you busy for hours.

Here are a few of my creations.

The Musician - Rated PG

The Happy Bride - Rated R

April 25, 2006

Your intro song?


Today I was talking with my friend Carter on Skype. He works for a production company in Houston and we got on the subject of baseball games. We were talking about the intro music before a player gets up to bat. I’m not sure if the players pick their own songs, but Carter asked me what my intro song would be. It took me a few minutes but I finally decided on “You Look Like Rain” by Morphine. I know it’s pretty ostentatious, but if I get to choose my own, well that’s what I choose. What would you’re intro song be?

April 24, 2006

LACA Denver at The Hotel Monaco

Monaco_dog Today was the LACA (Los Angeles Contemporary Association) show in Denver. It was held in the Hotel Monaco, which is one of a handful of hip downtown hotels. The hotel Monaco has their own in-house dog, Lily Sopris, a very cute Jack Russell Terrier. You can correspond with Lily (yes I mean the dog) at She’s quite the little celebrity so it might take her a few days to answer her mail. If you ever plan on staying in Denver, I would highly recommend it. ;)

It was good to have this show so close to home. Basically an entire floor of the hotel is booked for the show and each showroom has a room where they show their clothing lines to buyers. I have to say that I feel very fortunate. It seems to me that in one way or another I’ve found some of the best reps to work with.


Heather Kern is someone that I met at Pool in Vegas. She’s with Anna Paul now and showed me the fall line. Everything was amazing. I couldn’t carry everything I wanted, but I think I picked some of the very best pieces in the line. Really amazing silk prints.

Amy Kahn was also at the show. It’s always cool to see Amy. I met her rep and PR person. We all chatted for a bit, nothing too exciting. Mostly gossip about Hanky Panky vs. Cosabella and which is better. There was some serious talk about starting a consortium of sorts, a Denver women’s fashion industry group. I’m hoping to put something together and make it happen.

I saw some lines that were new to me and finally had a chance to meet with the Allen B. rep. For various reasons I wasn’t able to do this before. I saw Sledge and Pink Polka Dot two other lines with possibility.

Allen_b730 I made some additional orders with JWLA. I’m really looking forward to getting my first shipment in the next couple of weeks. I also picked up 3J workshop another Johnny Was line. Ginger was great about fitting me in. I ran out of business cards and gave her my blog card… yes, I have a blog card. So we got into a discussion about blogging and websites. Turns out Ginger wants to blog and I think it would be great if she did.. J

Another busy day. I have so much to get done before I leave for San Diego on Thursday, I’m worried that I might not get it all done.

Tomorrow Hot Yoga…

April 22, 2006

Lacrosse, Cows, Hogs, and Some Blood.

Tonight I went to the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse game. Professional Lacrosse is a wild and brutal sport. This was a semi-final game in the playoffs. My friend has special access at Pepsi Center and I saw some crazy, messed up things tonight. Apparently last night one of the players suffered a lacerated spleen. When these guys get hurt they end up in the hospital. It was nuts. I think the best way to describe it would be a cross between a monster truck rally and the X-games. There was so much going on. I harassed some cows and I think one humped my leg. These are some of the photos I took.

Photo_042206_014_edited1 Photo_042206_011_edited1 Photo_042206_017_edited1 Photo_042206_021_edited1 Photo_042206_020_edited1 I should mention that Colorado won and is going to the NLL finals.

April 20, 2006

Dorky Me In 1987

I guess you could call this a slow news day. So here is a picture of me when I was 13 in 1987. Yes, I know, you can stop counting now. I was a complete dork and I still am. I know I kinda had the Tina Yothers thing going for me. Hey I heard she’s in a rock band now.


Anyway, this photo was taken somewhere in Los Angeles, at a press announcement for the 1987 MTV music video awards.

Can anyone name this man I’m trying to get away from? Anyone? I was pretty shy and didn’t want my photo taken. My greatest fear in life at the time was dying of embarrassment.

If I remember correctly, the bands Poison and Timbuk 3 were there and I think Adam Curry, but it must have been when he was new. I can’t remember. There were not that many people there. It was very low key.

April 19, 2006

Deadbeat Criminals Vs. PayPal

Crook So when I started an online business I knew I would get ripped off. Online sales are risky. Today I got my first credit card chargeback.

The reason given for the chargback is that the payment was unauthorized. Hmmm well it shouldn't take a criminal investigator to get to the bottom of this... but it's nice that I was once one so this ought be easy.

Ok "Jane Doe" buys a pair of Joes Jeans from me on the 13th for $96.00. I ship the Jeans to "Jane Doe" and my Delivery Confirmation shows they were delivered on April 15th to her address.

So I call "Jane Doe".

Me:    "Ms. Doe, I am calling on behalf of"

Doe:   "Yes"

Me:   "We received a chargeback for a pair of jeans you purchased with us online"

Doe:   "which jeans"

Me:   "Joe's Socialite Phoenix Size 29"

Doe:   "Well I'm on my cell phone at work, can you call me in a half an hour?"

Me:   "Can you tell me if you received the Jeans?"

Doe:   "Well I'm at work"

Me:   "Can you tell me if you authorized the charge for the purchase."


OK so I'm guessing this woman did not have her card stolen and used without her permission or she would be VERY interested in talking to me. By the way she sounded very surprised. I guess she forgot she provided her cell phone number and work e-mail address. Wonder how an unauthorized person knew this information. -Amateur-

I should also mention my site uses PayPal so she used her PayPal account. Not as easy as finding a card number and using it.

Well I'm done fighting crime today. ;)

April 18, 2006

The Time Has Come To Kill The Blog

Rip_hibelublog_1  My other blog project, the business blog for is really very sad. A huge embarrassment actually. I can hardly step foot outside without being shunned by the world for allowing such a horrible piece of excrement to exist. Maybe that's a little harsh. But there was no love there. So today I dug deep into the drawer and found the dullest butter knife I could then I hacked the sucker into 5 or 6 manageable pieces. Where is Jeremy Pepper? Laughing no doubt. I'm thinking he will rupture his spleen when he hears that I hired a professional writer to take over. OK, so Jeremy doesn't really care. But the bottom line is that In order for it to work, I needed to hire someone to do what I want to do but don't have the time to do. Someone I can yell at when I'm unhappy. Someone I can sue when they screw up. Someone who works really cheap and on spec. ;)

So over the next couple of weeks. Blogging hibelu will get a new look and Amy D'allasandro will take over the writing. I will write occasionally, but promised to stay out of Amy's way. Honestly, I have no idea what she is going to write. Something fashion, music, art, something. I've already set the bar so low. ;) No fears though, I will continue with this crappy blog for as long as I can remember the password to access the account.   

April 17, 2006

Hot Yoga - Back on the Mat

Yoga_mat I have not been to the yoga mat in 21 days. Recent events, travel and illness have kept me away. Last night I knew it was time to go back, so I set my alarm for 5:30 AM to make a 1 hour hot yoga class this morning.

Michelle was the instructor leading practice today. She has always been great at helping me to find another inch. But today she was especially kind in pulling me through to the next pose. 100+ degrees seemed hotter than I remember. More then once I had to take a resting position because I felt like was going to pass out. It was like I was starting all over again. In yoga it would be considered a gift to learn each position all over again. So it would seem I’ve been given a gift. Hehe J

On a lighter note, my studio Core Power Yoga has redesigned their website and is now offering Yoga on Demand. So anyone, anywhere with the internet can experience Yoga. Kind of cool and I might try it out on my next business trip. Also they just opened a Core Power studio in San Diego, and coincidentally I will be in San Diego Next week. I am definitely planning on taking a class there just so I can say that I did ;).

Oh AND they are doing some sort of cross promotion with Starbucks here in Denver. This is the Yoga Coffee Outlook blog so that, of course, rocks!

April 16, 2006

Putting on a Happy Face

The last couple of days have been an exercise in putting on a happy face in public despite how I feel inside. The loss of my friend has also forced me to take a head count of the people who are still with me.

Yesterday, I went to a birthday party. It was one of those situations that you talk yourself into doing thinking that it will cheer you up. But despite the good company, I was not feeling very social. After a few drinks I found myself a bed in the basement of my friend’s house and ended up napping for about 3 hours. The truth is I have not been getting much sleep these days and it was definitely needed.

After the party, it was time for me to make the calls I had been dreading all afternoon. There were several people who had not heard about Jana’s passing and I unfortunately was the one that had to tell them the bad news.

I have not spoken to some of the people I had to call in several years. It certainly opened a floodgate of memories for me. I had strange dreams all night and didn’t get much sleep again.Rockies_1

Rockie_tix Today I decided to keep my plans and go to a Rockies game with a friend who works for the local NBC affiliate here in Denver.

It was a beautiful day today and even though I’m not a baseball fan and even though the Rockies got shut out it was fun and I was able to enjoy myself. I'm glad I decided to be around people today. I seriously considered staying in bed and taking the phone of the hook. Glad I didn't do that.

After the game we grabbed a bite at fado, an Irish pub near Coors Field in Lodo. I drank a few too many pints and probably shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery right now.

BTW we heard that The Real World is taping in Lodo soon. This is kind of cool since I’ve always thought Denver was a cool place to hang. Although I doubt I’ll be watching the Real World anytime soon.

Anyhow I am soooo tired now and need some sleep. Thank you to everyone who sent me e-mails over the last couple of days. I really appreciate your thoughts. K

April 14, 2006

Give the World Your Best Anyway

About 4 hours ago I found out that my former trainer and friend Jana Surjan died. Jana has been receiving treatment for esophageal cancer and it’s my understanding that she was fighting a very bad infection that ultimately caused her death. She was 62.

A little over 2 years ago I was struggling with things that were out of my control. Jana was a great source of support for me. Her entire life was centered around helping others to achieve their dreams. She was also one of the few people to be there for you when you didn’t.

This was a quote by Mother Teresa that Jana sent to me when I needed it most.

“People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.

Love them anyway

If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish motives.

Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies.

Succeed anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.

Do good anyway.

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.

Be honest and transparent anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.

Build anyway.

People who really want help may attack you if you help them.

Help them anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you may get hurt.

Give the world your best anyway."

Mother Teresa

Jana is the strongest woman person I have ever known. I can simply tell you she was GOOD. She was full of JOY. And I will miss her deeply.

April 12, 2006

I know you love me baby, just give me one more chance...

HalOh Outlook, why do you treat me so bad when I love you so much? Am I just another dirty user to you? I gave you everything; All of my accounts.. My contacts.. I tell you where I will be every minute of every day. When you make that cute little popping noise, I come running to you like a puppy dog to see what you have for me. I am your eternal slave and you treat me like a stranger. I spent 2 hours today trying to make it work between us. I have needs. I have clients. I tried not to let that silly AVG get between us but it did. Oh please come back to me…. Puuuhhlleeze…

It’s only you baby… it’s only you… (sniff)

April 11, 2006

Golf & Avs Hockey

Today was Sweetness. Yes... I just said sweetness. I know, but it has been a really sweet day.

I played Golf this afternoon with my friend Rob and some of his co-workers. They were all playing hooky from the architect firm they work for. The weather was beautiful, not so much my game, but I havn't played since Thanksgiving day. It was just nice be outside.

Rob, BTW, is an ex-boyfriend. We were never too serious, he was a blind date many years ago. I made a comment about the fact that I have remained friends with nearly all of my ex's and Rob had to point out that I am a "dumper" and never the "dumpee". He explained to me that the "dumper" always has the power to dictate the tone of the relationship after a break-up. I guess this was partially true. Though, I have been dumped. Actually, dumped so badly that I got a tattoo. Another story altogether. But I guess for the most part I have been the one to call things off when it wasn't working. I've never been one for trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Rob is a good guy, and a great friend. But he is a very practical guy and I think my spontinaity would have drove him insane.

So after golf I ran home, showered, and changed for the final Avs regular season homegame. The odds are in their favor to make it into the playoffs. They could potentially get the 5th spot, but it's still possible for them to not make it at all. It's been a weird season. At the start of the year, I was sure the Kings were headed for the cup. But that's not gonna happen. Can't talk about Detroit...:( .

I can talk about the way that the Avs handled the Coyotes 6-4. The Pepsi Center always rocks. The Avs have sold out every game for the past 10 years. I'm always amazed when I go to away games and see all the empty seats. It was a great game. Winning is great!. I'm not that hopeful about the post season. Theodore is not ready. He let 4 by. But who knows... I picked the Kings.

Dsc_0477_edited1 Oh yeah, my friend Sheri gave me some photos she took of me for my about me page today. This is not the photo I'm using... But it is a photo of me laughing as I notice a man urinating in the alley across the street.

Me: EWWW, Sheri... There's your boyfriend.

April 10, 2006

Secret Sale at Nordstrom's

I was invited to a “private” sale at Nordstrom’s. I had heard of these sales before, but this was the first one I have ever been invited to. They let you “plus 1” when you RSVP. So, I invited my friend Roxanne along. Roxanne is my girliest girlfriend. You know the one with the most shoes. When her husband is bad, he makes up with her by buying her a designer bag. Her husband is naughty; hence Roxanne also has the most bags. 

So anyhow, the sale was last night. Roxanne and I arrived promptly at 8:00 PM and checked in. They, of course, want you to enjoy all of the privileges that the Nordstrom’s credit card has to offer. I graciously declined. I am loyal to my true love, American Express. They also pair you up with a personal shopper. Mine, raised her eyebrow ever so slightly when I told her I had an online retail store. They also had a nice little spread of desserts and treats.

Here I am thinking that there will actually be a “SALE”. But there is no sale. It’s just a chance to do some private shopping I guess. Because… you know, it’s just so hard to shop with other people around. ;)

Actually, it was quite nice to have the whole store practically to yourself. There were only about 30 people there at any one time. We indulged our diva fantasies in the shoe department. We figured we could go through the racks anytime, but how often do you get the shoe department to yourself. After the gluttony, I’m sorry to say that none of the darlings came home with me. I walked away spending just $60 on some Honeydew under thingies.

April 08, 2006

Skype Me for a really good time... apparently

Bearhoney  This week I added Skype to my online store, hibelu. I also added it here. Overall I like it, although it really has not proved useful yet. Too soon to tell I think.

So, during my own little beta testing I've placed myself into "skype me" mode a couple of times. Doing this, tells the entire skype community.."Hey! Talk to me." Which, I mean, is really just asking for it, don't you think. The overwhelming contacts I had were from Turkish and various Arabic speaking men (men I think), looking for "sexy chat", "talk sex with me", "make you sexy talk", "share love sex".

Just to give you an idea of what you will get... here's a chat I had this morning.

[10:34:12 AM] sohotown says: Hi Sweety, Do You Like To Watch My Penis Show?
[10:34:45 AM] hibelu LLC says: what show?
[10:34:59 AM] sohotown says: dick show
[10:35:10 AM] hibelu LLC says: how long does it last?
[10:35:17 AM] sohotown says: 21 inc
[10:35:33 AM] hibelu LLC says: 21 seconds?
[10:35:43 AM] sohotown says: no
[10:36:00 AM] hibelu LLC says: oh how long is the show?
[10:36:01 AM] sohotown says: 32 cm and 21 minute
[10:36:14 AM] hibelu LLC says: can you convert that to inches?
[10:36:37 AM] sohotown says: do you want or not
[10:36:49 AM] sohotown says: dont ask to many questions please
[10:36:59 AM] hibelu LLC says: Well I don't really have 21 minutes.. can you do it faster?
[10:37:11 AM] sohotown says: ni cant
[10:37:17 AM] sohotown says: but i ll try
[10:37:18 AM] hibelu LLC says: damn
[10:37:50 AM] sohotown says: yes ot not honey?
[10:38:03 AM] hibelu LLC says: You will put honey on it?
[10:38:10 AM] sohotown says: :) no
[10:38:13 AM] hibelu LLC says: Yes I like honey
[10:38:17 AM] sohotown says: :)
[10:38:27 AM] sohotown says: ok bye bye
[10:38:41 AM] hibelu LLC says: what about the honey?

April 06, 2006

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Actually, I never saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I know it has the Joan of Arcadia girl, Amber Tamblyn, who I like simply because she doesn't seem to have that "young, hot, Hollywood" mentality, or at least she isn't featured in any sex tapes that I've heard of.

ThumbbluebutterflyReally this entry is about meeting Amy Kahn for Coffee today. Amy is a designer based here in Colorado. She's to the left over there in the side bar. I should mention, that in addition to being enormously gifted with metal, Amy has outlandishly amazing taste in clothing.

I say this for two reasons.

  1. Amy is a customer of mine. All of my customers have great taste.
  2. About halfway through coffee I noticed that Amy and I were both wearing the exact same Banana Republic trouser jeans (pants). Great minds people... Great minds...

So anyway we chatted this morning about our businesses and the sometimes madness of it all. I was really interested to hear about the process for designer submissions to Lucky Magazine. Amy's jewelery is definitely something you would expect to see featured in Lucky Magazine. This is my very simple understanding, but basically designers submit samples and don't know until the magazines hit the stands if they've been placed. If you've ever tried to purchase something featured in Lucky then you probably found it was sold out. The enormity of having your design featured in Lucky, the Daily Candy, or any other big name, mass distribution publication is such a boost to an up-and-coming designer, well it's mind-blowing.

April 05, 2006

Clay Court Tennis

This morning my friend Janine called and asked me to play tennis. I've been cooped up with this throat thing so I thought it probably was a good idea to get out and play.

Janine is a much better player than I am so I knew going in that I should just try to enjoy myself. I was a bit surprised when she took me to a clay court. I have played on clay before in high school, but not since.

It took just a few slides to get the hang of it once again. Actually, it was nice to play back at the baseline and have an easier pace than I was mentally prepared for. I was able to pick up a few points, but Janine didn't break a sweat.

The weather WAS really nice but looks like a big thunderstorm is on it's way in.   

April 04, 2006

Deep Voice, Scandinavians, Sea Camp

I was happy to find out yesterday that I am going to live. And as a bonus, I will probably have a deep sultry voice for another 48 hours, so I got that going for me.

I’ve gotten some nice e-mails over the past couple of days from people I’ve never met wishing me well and I really appreciate all of the kind words. Thanks J

The Scandinavians were here today to assemble my new office furniture. Actually they were speaking Spanish; funny, they must be from the southern region of Scandinavia. Anyway, the new office is looking good, just a few things left to do. I collect vintage Fillmore playbills and had a couple framed for the new space.

It’s good to be home. I thought I could put my suitcase away for a bit, but looks like I will be going to San Diego at the end of the month. I haven’t been there since I was a kid and my mother shipped me off to “Sea Camp”. That was the summer I learned to boogie board. “Good times”

April 02, 2006

ED HARDY online Sample Sale

****Ed Hardy is having a Sample Sale****

Right Now. In case you wanted to know. ;)

April 01, 2006

Well Maybe not Asthma

A couple of weeks ago I posted about an episode I had at the bookstore. Originally told I had an underlying asthma condition that would react whenever I was sick. I thought I was having an asthma attack.

So since I got back from LA I have really been struggling with breathing fits for lack of a better description. I have lost my voice (completely at times), and had some pretty scary moments. I have tried not to let it interfere and have basically just worked through it. Honestly I'm nervous about the situation.

So after some tests it looks like it might not be asthma, but something called VCD which is commonly misdiagnosed as asthma.

(taken from webMD)

Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD)

Vocal cord dysfunction is an episodic condition involving sudden closure of the voice-box (larynx) as a result of the two vocal cords sticking together. The symptoms of vocal cord dysfunction are the sudden onset of difficulty breathing, closure of the airway and inabitlity to talk.

So I'm going to see an ENT to have this diagnosed or "confirmed". Sounds like it's something that's caused by an irritation to the vocal cords. I guess it's something that resolves itself, or worse case scenario I have to have a tube placed in my throat. DO NOT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT.