HIPAA Guidelines

It seems like everyone has a cell phone. There are so many things that can be done over these mobile devices. A person can now use their phone to schedule doctor’s appointments online, log into their healthcare information, and even send a text to some doctor’s office. While this is convenient, there may be a problem. HIPPA is the law that protects a person’s health information and any violation of HIPPA is a serious problem. There are some measures that a medical office can take to make sure everything they do on a cellular phone is safe and secure. Service providers like MedTunnel offer free and secure communication services to the healthcare sector. Ensuring all data exchange is handled in the most private way. 

health care security

Follow these tips to make sure your organization is not violating HIPAA guidelines:

The medical office can require a password to log into the phone and the medical records. This password should only be shared by staff that will be directly communicating over mobile phones. Once the phone is no longer being used it should be locked. There are features on smartphones that will automatically lock the phone after a specific period of inactivity.

There are different encryption programs that should be installed on the device. This will restrict use. When a file is encrypted and sent to a patient they will have to enter a specific password to have access to it. No one can just accidentally open the file without entering the password. Encryption technology also prevents hackers from seeing the information that is sent using this technology.


Update Software
When using technology it is important to be using the latest version of an operating system for security measures. There updates are free and the smartphone will notify the user when it is time to update.

Get a Safe APP

To ensure safety there is an app to make sure that all information will be sent in a confidential manner. The HIPPA organization has designed a specific app that ensure that all information sent using it will be confidential and will follow all HIPPA guidelines. This will help the doctor’s office make sure they are in compliance with the HIPPA regulations are taking the proper security measures.

Smartphone make it easy for people to communicate with others including their doctor. HIPPA is developing guidelines and safety measures to keep up with this new technology. Now a patient can be confident their medical information is being stored in a safe and secure manner while using their smartphone to communicate with their doctor.